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Karen 20I’ve often wondered what to put on this page.  I wanted this site to be as professional as possible. But I do tend to have rants from time to time as well.

So I guess let me start off to say that I’m a wife to a chef, and a mom of 2 kids, my oldest being autistic.  So some of my posts would be autism related.  And my library of autism books can contend to that,:)

I’m also an author.  Published my first book in February of 2013.  I’ve written a few fan fics as well, but the website they were on have since shut down.  Besides writing, I used to make music videos using various Stargate episodes.  That was fun.:)  Though my hubby would be drove nuts with me being on the computer for hours on end trying to get it perfect, lol.

Which brings me to the fifth member of our house, Oreo, our psychotic cat.  She’s a tuxedo kitty and does come for cuddles from time to time, though, only to me.  She knows who her mommy is 🙂 

I love watching NCIS and Shadowhunters (I’ve even bought the majority of Cassandra Clare’s books).  I own every dvd box sets for Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Universe. Along with the Stargate movies.

I love anything geeky.  Especially the Marvel world.  My favorite?  My first choice would be Thor.  I mean how can I not? LOL.  But I love them all really.  I’m in the process of buying all the blu-rays in order so I can have a proper marathon.

Anyway,  thank you for visiting and feel free to have a look around.

K  ❤

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