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The other day I had to get bloodwork done, so while I was waiting, a lady who had just done hers exited the side doors.  Because of the masks, I didn’t really recognize her, but she knew me.  Mainly because I forgot my mask in the truck.  We kept our distance and had a nice little chat.

It’s a new normal these days.  Having to carry a mask around with you everywhere you go.  I don’t mind wearing one, I bought 3 cloth ones to rotate.  Though I do buy the cheap ones at the dollar store so I don’t have to wash mine that often.

Towards the end of our conversation, I told her that the one major thing that this virus had made us all realize was to slow down.  Everything before COVID was all fast pace.  Air pollution from vehicles, planes, and even trains (even though there’s none here on Newfoundland any more).

But everyone was always so busy and had no time to just stop and take a breather.  Only when things were shut down, were people actually taking time to smell the roses as it were.

I get not everyone was kind to the new rules.  Keep your distance.  Wear a mask.  Stay home.  No more parties.  And now that things are starting to open up, and people are able to move around more freely, wearing a mask when social distancing isn’t possible when out and about, is what some people b!tch about the most.

I get that some people can’t wear them, and I’m not knocking them for it.  But can we look at the bigger picture?  The more people wear them, or stay home and have someone else run errands for them, the faster we can all beat this until the vaccine becomes available.

And I’m not writing this blog to sh!t on anyone, or to have people leave me nasty comments back.  That crap won’t be tolerated.  This is my opinion.  I just feel that if we look out for one another, we’ll all be better people in the end.

So please, be kind to one another.  Things will get better.

Until next time.

K ❤

Breaking out…

There’s so many things I’ve always wanted to do with my life, besides getting married and having kids.  Some things I’ve accomplished.  Others, not so much.

Growing up, you’re always asked “what do you want to do?”  And for the longest time, it was an actress.  Something about TV and film fascinated me.  But it was looked down upon.

So then I thought of being one of those stewards aboard airplanes. I wanted to travel all over the world (or wherever the plane would take me, lol).  But that didn’t work out either.  Even though I was enrolled and was having such a great first day with my classes.

So I ended up doing a Word Processing Operator course.  I’m not dissing that profession, I really enjoyed it.  I did my 3-week on the job training in an office building in the downtown area and was learning so much from the people there.  Until I was finished my course and was seeking actual work.

I went everywhere I could think.  Dentist offices, law offices, even schools.  Nada.

I ended up working at a fast-food place.  Not the most glamourous job, but at least most of the costumers made it worthwhile.

But I had dreamt of so much.  This wasn’t what I had seen myself doing when asked, “what do you want to do when you grow up?”

It took many years later that I would get to dabble into acting.  Mind you, it’s fanmade films, and all voluntary, but what an awesome experience.

So now, besides having done a bit of acting, I’ve also written and published a book (with 2 more on the way).

But what I’m so proud of (besides my kids), is that I was able to join in on a project for a music video from one of my favorite singers – Ben Haenow.

He won X-Factor 2014 and as soon as his first single came out, I had to buy a copy.  He’s got one of those voices that you just fall in love with.

Watch the video, stream and buy his new single If You’re Lonely, and see if you can find me, LOL.

Sending lots of love to anyone who needs it.  And remember, you\re never alone.

Until next time,,,

K ❤


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