Karen FordKaren Ford (nee Williams) was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but grew up in Cavendish, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.  It’s an hour drive from St. John’s, which is where she resides now with her husband, two children, and a psycho kitty, Oreo.

For the past fourteen years or so, she’s dabbled in fan fictional short stories.  Never thinking that one day one of her stories would ever be published, until February 2013, she published her first book The One.  You can also find her book and future ones on her author website.

She has also appeared in a fan-made film (2 roles):
Stargate Replication – a Hann-Made Production.
    Colonel Williams
    Jaffa guard

She has also been in a web series (3 characters):
Star Trek Reliant – a Hann-Made Production
    Chief Engineer
    Alien bar server
    Doctor Sheppard

Karen is also the host to an online sci-fi talk webseries – The Sci-Fi Zone.

You can contact her through Twitter or by attending the annual Sci-Fi event Sci-Fi on the Rock


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