My Amazing Adventure

I’m being a little nostalgic today, so wanted to share this again as it was the best day of my life. Well, besides my wedding day and the births of my kids,,, but I felt this was worth reblogging.


Oh my gosh, where do I begin about yesterday?  Honestly, it was one of those very surreal days that during the whole time I was waiting for myself to wake up for the most awesome dream ever.  Not to the point that every once in a while I was pinching myself to see if this was real or not, LOL.  But it was and I was loving every minute of it.

I guess first of all I can start off by how this awesome day became a reality for me.  It all came about when I seen her tweet that she was coming here to film a guest role on Republic of Doyle.  I just about jumped out of my chair.  I know I screamed out, “OH MY GOD!!!”  I think I deafened a friend of mine on skype, lol.

Now you might be asking, “who was this person?”  Well…

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Quick note.

I know I haven’t been blogging lately.  But that’s only because I’ve been updated my initial post about Poldark episodes, that I keep forgetting to do anything else.

I hardly think that anyone would find my latest adventures that interesting, being a stay at home mom after all,, it doesn’t make for much exciting things happening.  But I will make it a rule of thumb to write a little something for those of you who do venture on my site, something to read.

Who knows, it might be something uplifting, or give someone an idea of something they’ve been meaning to do, and has put it off.

Mind you, that’s exactly what I’m doing now.  Putting off something. LOL.

I really detest housework, but it has to be done.  Especially if I want to sit back and relax at some point during the day, 🙂

Anyway, have a great day/afternoon/evening and I shall have something interesting for ya tomorrow.

Until then,

K  ❤

Hello December. Wait!! WHAT???

Yep. Another month has come and gone. I swear, where the hell did the time go? Soon it will be my birthday, then Christmas. And we can’t forget about ringing in the New Year.

As I was talking to a friend of mine on Facebook, we were talking about how easy things would be if some of the things we read in book or watch in movies would be a reality today. Like for instance,,, Harry’s wand. I’d love one of those for the sole purpose of having all my housework done in a flick with my wrist. It would be one hell of a time saver that’s for sure. Then there’s that quill (from same movies/books). To have such a thing follow me around all day, writing down everything I say,,, that would be the ultimate. Can you imagine the amount of books I’d have written and published by now? LOTS!!!

Yep, 2015 will be the year of change.  Although, I tend to say that every year, but this time I mean it.  I have a sequel to get out (not to mention the countless other ideas I have in my head that I want to get published), then my hubby’s co-workers can stop hounding him for it.  Bless them for all the support, they are awesome.

So here’s to wishing you all a great day.  I’ll try and blog more.  However,, if you want to keep updated as to what I’m doing,, then follow me on Twitter, and LIKE my author page on Facebook.

Until then,

K, xo