Best Vacation Ever !!!

Well to say that this was the best vacation ever is an understatement.  Although, I can’t rule out all the vacations we’ve had with the kids.  They in itself are great.  Spending time with the kids are always great, but this one was more special.  Mainly cause this was the first one that it was just me and Paul.  We never had a proper honeymoon, so we used this trip as the honeymoon we should have had.  As of right now, we have been married for 16 years (17 in September) and we figured it was high time we made time for ourselves.  Although, having a child with special needs, it’s never easy to make time for your own self, let alone time for each other.  But we figured that where Brett is 14 now, and a bit more understanding, we would use this time to get away.

We had the in-laws come in on a Thursday, that way she was able to see the routine I do with the kids in the mornings.  Well for Friday and Monday anyway, then she would have to do it for a week on her own.  Albeit, dad in-law was here to help,,, sort of.   But to help Brett a little more, I had circled the 12th on his spiderman calendar with “mom and dad gone on trip” and I circled the 19th with “mom and dad come home.”  At least this way he would know that I’m going, but I will be back.  Apparently Tuesday in school, he had a bit of a cry.  Signed to his teacher that he wasn’t fine.  I’m figuring that he woke up, realized that I wasn’t here, and had a meltdown.  But after he cried a bit, he was fine again.  Bless him.  But it turned out alright in the end.  When it got to Friday, Brett would come home from school, look at his nan and ask “Airport?” 🙂

Anyway, let’s get to the vacation bit…

I found this picture by doing Google Earth.  You can basically see the layout of the resort.  The side of the resort where I marked “our room” was one side of the resort.  The other side with the bigger sleeping areas was Catalonia Royal.  They could come to our side and eat, but we couldn’t do it on theirs.  Different color wristbands for one.  And not part of our inclusive for the other.  But I loved where we were staying.  It’s an amazing place.  One where we’d go back again.

And here’s some pictures I took from around the different areas of our side of the resort.The rear view of the resortViewing the front of the resortThe pool and swim-up barThe pool againThe Bar inside the resort itselfThe GardensMore Garden pictures

Paul took this one of me getting my hair done.  It hurt a little towards the front of my head.  mainly cause of slight pulling, but it’s worth every penny.Getting my hair braided

This is the end result.Isn't it pretty ???

We mainly ate most of our meals in the Buffet restaurant, but we did try the Steakhouse, Japanese, and Italian.  Unfortunately, we didn’t go to the Mexican.  Mainly because I have a real sensitive tummy and we really didn’t want me getting the Buffet restaurantat the SteakhouseJapanese Restaurant

Now with this pic of the Italian restaurant, we are thinking that Marina went to the front hostess at the Italian restaurant and arranged for them to do a special setting at a table for us.  The Japanese and Italian restaurants were practically side by side, so she was able to see that we were going to do the Italian the next night.  We went to the hostess to see if we put in a reservation for tomorrow night or just be here in line-up for 7pm.  This is the table that we were guided to for our meal.Italian RestaurantSee what I mean when we think this was arranged???  She had decorated the outer parts of the table with little flowers.  I’m sorry I didn’t get her name though.  Hopefully when I email Marina, she can tell me who the young girl was.

We didn’t do any excursions on this trip.  It was solely for us to reconnect and to relax.  And we done that and more.  As much as we adore our kids, it was nice to just be able to spend the time alone.  Do what we want and not have anyone to answer for.  So we swam a couple of times in the pool and in the ocean.  That was so cool.  Albeit salty, but still fun.

And we plan on going back to the same resort.  We are already figuring out how to save up to go back and to have extra money with us to do some excursions this time.  Though, I think I’ll have to buy an extra memory stick for the camera for the 100’s of pictures we will be taking.  Plus, where next year will be the year I turn 40.  Yes I said it.  I’ll be 40.  And bless all my followers who thought I was around the 26 mark, love you, xoxoxo.  But having said that, I want to try and get a few friends to come and join us for next year.  I think it would be fun.

Anyway, to end off this blog, I’ll post one last picture that has a story to go with it.Recieved medals on our last night there.

This picture was taking by another couple we met up with down there who were from Newfoundland as well on the day we were leaving to head back home.  Our last day there we were trying to track down the whiskey I was drinking from the bar that I liked.  We were told that we could get it at either of the 2 stores they have there in the shopping center.  But when we went to find it, they didn’t have it.  We were told then that, that type of whiskey was exclusive for the bar only.  So we asked if it was possible if we could buy a bottle of the bar.  The manager (i think) had to ask someone else higher then him.  In the end, it was fine, but we had to go to the front desk to pay for it.  We asked how much, and when he told us the price, we jumped at it.

So anyway…  I know, trying to make a long story short is not possible, cause certain things happened in a certain sequence that will help make sense in the end,, I hope. LOL

Later that day, Paul found Victor (the bar manager) and asked for a small favor.  He was wondering if the guy who gets up on stage every night before the main performers does their thing, could say a few words about us.  What Paul had in mind, and the other guy was 2 totally different things.  I was filming the pre-show, when all of a sudden he calls out our names and asked us to come up on stage.  I turn red like an apple.  Good thing it was night time and you couldn’t see my face.  But on the video, when he called for us, you can hear me say, “what did you do?”  I knew he done something cause he was constantly asking me, “you still loves me right?”  If he said nothing at all, and only had that look, I’d know he had done something.

But it was all in good fun.  We had a great time.  It still feels like a dream.  Until I look at the pictures in our photo album and wish I was still back there.

Hope you enjoyed the read.  Sorry it took so long to write it, but reality, kids and housework needed to come first.  Thanks for popping by.

Love Karen


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