New look & other things….

Quick update….

Yes I done it again. I changed things up a bit.  I felt like I needed to at this point.  Things have been happening that I thought I needed a new look for the new direction my life seems to be headed.

I’m writing a script, a short story and a novel.  I’m apart of a production cast and crew for Star Trek Reliant Webseries.  That in itself is a lot of fun.  This time I have my own character.  A recurring role at that and I’m so excited.  I’m not killed off in the first 5 minutes, lol

Her name is Dr. Sheppard.  I know what your thinking,, and you’re right in where I got the name.  *whispers* shhhh, don’t tell anyone, LOL

Anyway, I have a lot of exciting things happening and it’s still the early part of January.  I can see this is going to be an awesome year.  And a year that I hope you will all experience it with me.

I’ll add more posts when time allows for it, but you can always catch me on twitter, I live there.  Well, when I’m not writing anyway, lol.

Hope you all like the new look and hope you visit often.  You can also subscribe to my site then all my posts will go to your email.  And you’ll never miss any new exciting things from The Life of ME, lmao.

Until next time,


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