My new favorite series – Poldark

Ok, I have a new fave show that I can’t wait to see every Monday morning. You see,, it’s a BBC’s new series on a remake of the 70’s Poldark. Mind you it airs in the UK on Sunday nights, so those of us across the pond, we have to wait until June. But I’ve been able to see the episodes the next day thanks to some awesome people. For anyone who lives in the US and Canada (like me), and being a big fan of Aidan Turner,, waiting until June just wasn’t acceptable. So thanks to Aidan Turner Fan Fiction I now have a way to see this incredible show online.  They also been kind enough to allow me to share the links with you. I want to thank Andrea Stout, Poldarked and Aidan Turner Forever too.  If it wasn’t for them tweeting it, or posting it on Facebook, I’d still be reading all the reviews and seeing all the pictures being shared around on social media. So without further a do,, here’s the links to the latest episodes.

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 –

Episode 3 –

Episode 4 –

Episode 5 –

Episode 6 –

Episode 7 –

Episode 8 –

I hope you all enjoyed viewing these awesome episodes from a fabulous series.  I know I have.  

Until next time.

K  ❤

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