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I guess I should get this started and write about my experience with filming yet another fan-made movie written up by a friend of mine.  Yes, this is the second time I’ve been in one of his creations.  The first one i’ve been in was Stargate Replication, which was a crossover of Stargate and Doctor Who.  I bet you’re wondering, ‘how would that work?’  Well with a lot of imagination and a great cast and crew, we managed to pull it off.  You can catch it here on Hann-Made Productions website.  The movie is about 26 minutes long and will automatically play.

I’ve been asked, ‘How did you get involved with the movie?’  Well I happen to be at Scifi on the Rock 3 and was wearing my Stargate costume that I bought from different places and Darren (the owner of Hann-Made Productions) seen me and told me that he has a project he wanted to ask me about.  Well that got my interest.  Well that convention was in April of ’09, so it was that autumn that I was called upon to go film my short part for the movie.  I only had 3 lines and not that long either, but you think I could get it right.  What should have taken maybe all but 10 minutes to film, took us 1 hour.  LOL.  Well it wasn’t solely my fault either.  During the shooting, we were on the side of the road that was semi-traveled on.  So we had a scattered car or truck driving by.  We even at one point had a car slow down and stop.  I was going to get my pen out and sign them an autograph, 🙂  But once they figured out what we were doing, they drove off again.

Plus the fact that we had my son with us as well.  My daughter was with my parents I think for that weekend, hubby was working, so we didn’t have anyone to look after Brett for me.  But Darren, along with his wife and another guy using the camera, didn’t mind that he was there.  And for the most part, Brett was pretty good.  He didn’t take off anywhere, was always in our sights, and kept his voice down so the mic wouldn’t pick up any other sounds that wasn’t needed.  All in all it was an awesome day.  And a great experience.

That was it.  The acting bug bit me.  Which was something I’ve always wanted to do.  I guess the only person I can blame for that is myself.  We did have a Drama class in my high school, but I never got involved in it.  Kinda kicking myself in the arse now though.  Plus the friends I hung out with, didn’t seem to be that interested in that sort of thing.  But if I had my time back…

Now, after I finished filming my small part, there was another opportunity for me to get my face back on the screen again.  Only this time it was a character with no lines.  I was called upon to be a Jaffa.  We were given some pieces of clothing and was told to make it our own.  So once I got home again, I done a google search for pictures from Stargate SG-1 where there were women Jaffa.  Then I dressed up, posed in my mirror and done some fiddling with the garments.

Though, Darren was worried that where I had a part in it already, would it work having me in there again as a different character.  But in actual fact, Stargate does that a lot with people.  Have them in for one part, then they come back for a totally different character altogether.  So it would work.  Besides, in the Stargate movie, I was a Colonel with my hair back in a pony-tail.  When I was a Jaffa, my hair was down, so it worked.

Well the same thing happened for this new movie I just filmed.  It’s called Star Trek Reliant and it was so much fun.  And again I had 2 parts to play.  The one I was assigned was Chief Engineer Smitty.  And yes, I had lines to say.  But the best part of all was the fact that this was the first time I had to act with a green screen.  So I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.  The second character wasn’t mine to do, but I’d hate to see them stuck.  The girl who was supposed to play the alien waitress was sick and wasn’t able to make it in.  So I asked where the outfit was so I could take a look.  Well all I could say was OMG !!!

He called it a dress.  Not likely, LOL.  More like a long shirt, that hardly covered my backside.  I told Darren that if I can find some leggings, then I’d try it on and take it from there.  Talk about devotion.  Well another cast member said she had some extra leggings in her bag.  So we went to the dressing room and checked it out.  With the input of the other girls that was there, I picked out the sparkling one and put it all on.

At this point, Darren had no idea I was going to put on the outfit.  So once I had the skimpy outfit on, into make-up I went.  It was there I was given quills like you’d find on a porcupine.  They were placed on my back, along my forehead, and on the front part of my arms.  They were very cool.  I didn’t have my regular camera so here’s one I had a friend take of me from my cell.

Karen as spikey alien

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of me in my other costume, but once I have a copy of the movie, I’ll get a screencap and post it.  They still have more scenes to shoot, though, I’m not needed for those.  So when it’s all filmed, edited and on DVD’s, I’ll be sure to let you all know.  Though, I’m thinking the movie will be ready by the time our convention starts, which is in 2 months time.  I’m so excited about that as well.  But I’ll save that for another day.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the read.  Didn’t think it was going to be this long, but oh well.  Until next time.

Karen xo

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