Happy February!!

I know we’ve been into this month for the past 7 days, but hello February.

And looking back, the last time I posted in here was in November. That’s a bit of a break.  And it wasn’t intentional.  I really need to find things that’s interesting to write about.  I wonder if I should post a bit of pieces of what I write about?  Whether it’s short stories, poems, or something.

In the past I’ve asked my readers what they would like to see me write about.  Hence the reason for the long breaks in posts.  I suppose, if I had a general idea of what people find interesting, it would be easier on having something to write about.

I will not be posting about politics.  For one main reason, I hate it.  I find it brings out the worse in people.  So that’s off the table.

Actually, since November, we welcomed our new niece into the world.  Because she was a preemie, she had to stay in hospital for awhile.  But she’s home and doing awesomely.  I love being an aunt. And having just the two nieces, and a fur nephew Joey (my sisters cat), there’s no better feeling (other than being a mom of course, lol).

Now with school half way done for the year, I better start making plans for what to do on their off time.  We usually take the kids on a trip of sorts, camping usually.  This year might be a little different, can’t say what yet as we (hubby and I) haven’t really discussed things.

Then it’s another trip to Cuba.  Love that place, especially the people.  So I’m still crossing my fingers that happens this year.  Still waiting on the prices to drop more than what it is. 🙂

Of course I can’t forget Scifi on the Rock.  I’m NOT missing that convention.  Besides the guests (who are awesome this year), it’s a great mother-daughter weekend.  And it’s going to be wicked because we are dressing up.  Can’t say of what, going to leave that one for later.  But it will be a fun weekend.

I will have to leave this post as is for now.  I have some things to get done.  But I want to wish you all a great day.

Until next time.

K ❤

Finding friends in the unlikeliest of places

From an early age, you are drawn to a certain bunch of people who usually stay life-long friends. Even when you graduate from high school, you all manage to keep in touch. Well, for most people I’d like to think this to be true. And for the most part it is. But for me,,, I’ve had my disappointments time and time again.

To say that I have trust issues is putting it mildly.  I’ve been so many people’s scapegoat  for their own misfortunes instead of owning up to their faults just to make themselves look like angels in their family’s eyes, that they didn’t care how it would make me look to those who knew us.  Mind you, only one friend ever came forward and apologized to me.  I’ll never get that from the other.

Then there was that website I used to volunteer write for.  Longest 2 years of my life.  Sometimes I feel that I wasted my time on there, but then I wouldn’t have found out that I can write.  And write well.  Being dyslexic was hard during my school days.  And sometimes it still is.  Diagnosing myself with the problem at age 14 was the biggest light bulb moment of my life.  I no longer felt stupid.  That there was a reason for a lot of things.

I actually wrote and published my first ever book.  And yes,,  to those of you who have a copy of it,, I’m still working on the sequel.  LOL.  It’s something I thought I’d never ever do.  But with the love and support of awesome friends, I done it!!

Only one friend growing up, that knew me very well, was there to support me.  She knows who she is.  There’s no words I can write to let her know how much I appreciated her standing by my side.  OK, well, not literally standing next to me,, that’s impossible as she’s on the mainland, LOL.  But you get my point. 🙂

All the other friends are those I met later in life, and most of them are online friends.  People I’ve never met, and may never get to meet in person either, but I know they’ve been there for me every step of the way.

And even like the past, being drawn to certain people, it does happen again.  But this time it has a different feeling.  It’s doesn’t feel like those who are only pretending to be your friend, this time it’s with people who genuinely care.

I’ve made friends with the most unlikeliest of people thanks to Facebook (and later on Twitter).  We’ve cried together, laughed together, even laughed until we cried together. They are the friendships that I’ll hold dear.

So being one of the biggest Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit geek out there,, I’ll leave you with this quote from Bilbo.  “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” 

Until next time.


Fun times, amazing friends

Well today was a very interesting day. The kids had a snow day.  They love it.  I on the other hand,,, well let’s just say what with a hand that’s not 100%, shoveling can take it’s tole.  And with my hand hurting no matter what way I move it, I haven’t been able to commit to doing much writing.  Which totally irks me like you wouldn’t believe.   I was hoping to have so much written to have ready for it’s launch at Sci-Fi on the Rock 8 in May, but I don’t see that happening now.  Not with my hand the way it is.

I know, I know,,, if I’m able to blog, I should be able to write.  To tell you the truth, I’ve lost my inspiration.  Especially with that one bad review from my first book.  I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, I had myself all prepared for the bad comments, but when it came to actually reading what they had written, it hit me.  Though, thinking back on it, I find it convenient that they say all this nasty things with a fake name.  I mean, really???  How lame does someone need to be to hide behind their computer screen, use a fake name, and be mean to someone who’s new to the writing scene.  At least I had the balls to put myself out there, with everything I do.  What has this person ever done that they could be proud of.

I need to thank my many friends who PM’d me in Facebook to voice their support.  You guys are the best buddies ever.  You all are never very far if I’m feeling down and need a great pick-me-up.  Case in point to an awesome friend who had me literally jumping up and down in my kitchen, laughing out loud.  Literally. LOL  It’s a good thing I was alone at the time, cause I think my family would have thought I was nuts.  Paco.  And I just giggled again as I typed his name, Paco. 🙂  My crazy, sweet, awesome friend, don’t ever change.  🙂

He posted a picture of what the weather was like at his location.  And it was nasty, snowing really bad.  So after I read a couple of comments, I had to make one.  And wouldn’t you know it,, he actually done my suggestion and posted the picture on my timeline.  (Laughing as I type all this again).  The suggestion was to make a snowman, with sunglasses on, a Cuban cigar, and a beer.  Bless you Paco, that really made my day yesterday.

For the past week or so, I have been helping my daughter’s (who’s 10) fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  The name of the fundraiser was Jump Rope for Heart.  I’m so proud of her for wanting to take this on.  And I want to thank those who were able to donate online.  I know not everyone seeing my posting on Facebook and Twitter could help.  But I am grateful to those who shared the link to help spread the word.  I’m proud to say that in total, she’s raised $160.  🙂  Most of it was from online donations, so to those of you who donated, bless you all. xoxo

I apologize for spamming up Facebook and Twitter timelines, lol.  But I think anyone who’s child shows any interest in something, to support them the best you can, and to give it your all.  And I hope that she knows how much I’ve been there to back her up on this, and hope that she does something like this again in the future.

Anyway, thank you all for popping by to read my thoughts.  I hope you had a nice giggle, or found some sort of inspiration to do something for a worthy cause, or to help someone less fortunate.

Until next time.

K. xo