And it begins again.

Well it’s September again.

Wait.  WHAT??

I don’t want it to be September, I want to enjoy Summer for a while longer yet.  I’m not ready.

Well I suppose all good things had to come to an end at some point.  And so now school starts up again later this week.  I guess I should make lots of progress in my books I’m writing to have them done and published for December.

When in December some of you may ask?  Well of that I’m not entirely sure.  I’m aiming for before Christmas, but with the way things distract me lately, hard to say when.  All I know is that 3 years is WAY TOO LONG to have people waiting on the sequel.  And for that I’m very sorry.

I enjoy going on Facebook and Twitter too much.  Not that I actually post or tweet a lot on there.  People have seemed to have not be that active, at least the people I used to tweet with anyway.  I have met a few new followers on there (twitter I mean) who I enjoy talking to.  I guess to some degree, I miss the good ole days, lol

So I shall be focusing on the writing and less on the internet lurking for a while.  Unless I have to research something for my book, you then might see the little green thingy by my name on facebook.  But don’t get upset if I don’t answer, I’m always logged in on there, LOL.

Anyway, until later,,,

K ❤

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