When at first you don’t succeed…

… Try a different recipe.

So I tried the chocolate shake recipe I got from a friend and took it to work.  Let me tell ya, that takes a required taste.

I wanted to give it an honest try.  And tried very hard to drink this new contraption.  Needless to say, when getting home, I ended up dumping it down the sink.

On the up side, I happen to be on a call with my friend again and told her that I really REALLY tried, LOL.

So two things I learned… USE A BLENDER!!!!

One – this will break down the protein powder better and mix things in a more drinkable state.

And two – I only need 1 scoop, not 2 of the powder.

Live and learn, LOL.

However, while on the phone, she helped me with a new recipe to try.  Strawberry.

It took a bit of time though to find the blender, but once found, I started adding in the ingredients she told me.  Fresh frozen strawberries from our garden.  I’m not a big lover of strawberries, especially as is.  But as a jelly (sometimes a jam) I don’t mind.  So this was new territory for me.  I’m usually a chocolate person.

So with anticipation, my friend waited to hear if it’s a success.  And it was.  I love this one.  However, I will give the chocolate one another go again, but fix what I done from the first attempt.

Tomorrow, I’ll time it right so it’ll be my breakfast, have a small lunch packed to take with me (mainly because I’m still at work during lunch) and whatever meal we have for supper.

I’m still 155lbs, but that’s fully clothed as well.  And still no Pepsi.  YAY!!

Do I still have junk food?  Depends on what you classify on junk food.  I bought those crispy minis last week and still have them.  I got Doritos on Friday, and still have those.  It’s all portioned out to what I eat on a daily basis.

If I have the minis one day, I’ll have the chips the next.  Or not at all.

If I feel hungry (which I know I’m not), I’ll grab a glass of water.

Water is the biggest thing I’ve had to drink more of during the day.  And I feel better for it.

Now I shall go and enjoy the rest of this smoothie.

Thank you for popping by, and I hope I have inspired someone to make a change.  Just like my friend has inspired me to change my eating habits, and I feel all the better for it.

Until next time.

K ❤

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