An Interesting 2020

Ok, so 2020 has started off as a semi-fun year.  With some celebrity deaths, which is always the sad part of any year.  But 2020 is not what I had hoped it would be.

Apparently there was a virus going around, but it was hardly heard of (even by media) until it was too late.  And now we’ve got this thing going around the world that’s anything but fun.

The scientists were all warning us too, but would we listen? NOOOOOOO.

But it wasn’t for the lack of trying to get the word out.  There were some big named politicians who were drowning out their screams of what’s coming.

And now we live in a world where we are all confined to our homes.  Only going out when we absolutely need to buy essentials.  And even then, having to keep 6 feet from others in fear catching this thing.

Except for those who HAVE to work during all this, and putting themselves into harm’s way just to help those of us who fall victim to this virus that’s plaguing our homes.

I want to thank all the doctors, nurses, firefighters, policemen & women, EMT’s and everyone else who are essential workers.  THANK YOU!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤

So for the moment, I’ll end this post here.  To continue on would only make for a depressing read.

So while you’re all inside, do some baking, watch movies, maybe even start a new hobby.  I have one in mind to start, I just need to get the materials, 🙂

Anyway,, be kind to each other and give your love ones a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Love you all.

Be safe everyone.

K ❤

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