The countdown is on…


No, this is not a special day for me.  Not that I know of anyway.  I just wanted to shout that out there, LOL

So, there’s only 14 more school days left and the kids will be free from their institutions LOL.  Then they will have summer holidays that runs for about two and a half months.  Well here it’s that long. Depending on where you are in the world, your Summer vacation might be longer or shorter.

But just think on that for a moment though.

Kids have 2.5 months of vacation.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have that too?

Seriously,, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have summers off without loosing any pay?

Then again, maybe not.

Though, summers are not all fun and games.  Especially for my two kids.  And especially not for this year.

My oldest is autistic, so he needs a routine.  I just wish part of his routine would to realize that you can sleep in during summer holidays.  Then again, it would be awesome if he would do that on weekends, LOL.  But at least it keeps me from sleeping too much day away.

My youngest on the other hand, love sleeping in.  Can’t say as I blame her,,, I love my bed too.  But there’s things that just needs to get done.  Eventually she will come to realize that.

However on that note, I do have a math workbook to help her prepare for the next grade.  And she’s got the first 4 Harry Potter books to read.  I’m still working on book 5, *rolls eyes*.  Why did this book have to be the one with 800 PAGES?!  Seriously Ms. Rowling,,, what the devil were you thinking?  🙂

Speaking of writing.  I have 2 of my own to get finished up.  Maybe this will be the summer that I’ll actually get them done.  This is why I need an agent, preferably for free, LOL.  Although, I do have amazing friends who keeps me on my toes and keeps pushing me to get them done.  Especially the sequel.

Seriously, to those of you who has the first book,,, I’m reeeeeeeeeally sorry it’s not done yet.  I’m now thinking I should have just waiting on publishing it in the first place until I can have a proper ending for it.  I’m trying to keep it the same amount of pages as the first, but it’s becoming to be a chore.  I can only drag out so many scenes before it starts to become boring.

Plus making sure the first lot of chapters reads right is a challenge as well.  So not only do I need an agent,,, apparently I need an editor as well.  There’s only so many times I can re-read it to make sure I have all the grammar errors corrected.  Though, I have to thank Word for underlining words I’ve either spelled wrong, or a sentences that doesn’t make sense.  And someone who’s dyslexic trying to figure out another way to write a sentence to make it read right is a challenge in itself.

Hence another reason for such a delay in getting anything published.  Distractions.  And I have a lot of them, LOL.

And specking of distractions,, this is one of them.  So I shall head off and get some things accomplished today.  Wish me luck, 🙂

Until next time,,,

K ❤

And things are calming down…

Well, my week didn’t start off the way I had hoped it would,,, but at least now that everything has gotten taken care of,, I’m at a much better place – CALM.

And that’s good too cause I really have so much things to get done so I can start concentrating on my writing.  And trust me,, I’d rather be at that then the typical housework.  There needs to be an easier way to getting things done.  Though now that I’m slowly (and I mean slowly), getting back into a routine, I can get back to my books faster.  Which is a good thing,, because I have one hater for my first book,, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint them with no sequel, LOL

Plus I have so many things I want to write about,, but I need to get this one done first before I can start another project.  And with my household chores (and trust me, there’s enough here to do),, and my commitment with guest bookings with Sci-Fi on the Rock, I hope they come up with a way to start cloning people soon.  I figure, if they can do it with animals,, I don’t see why they haven’t done it with people yet.

And the kids have finally settled into school nicely.  I ranted about it on Facebook,, I don’t need to rehash it again on here.  Needless to say, Brett stood up by the door this morning and kept saying, “waiting for the bus”.   Then when the bus came, he ran that fast, I didn’t think I was going to get a picture of him in time, LOL

Denise is enjoying her class this year.  NO BULLIES!!!  Mainly because she’s taking French Emersion this year.  Of course my hubby asked her why she decided to take French.  Her answer,,, “so I can go on trips with my class.”  And the fact that we have an awesome friend who speaks it naturally didn’t come to mind, LOL 😉

Anyway,, I have to head off.  I have 2 hours before kids get home again.

Until next time,

K, xo

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