Call me when October ends…

Well this month went fast.  That’s 2 months down (starting from beginning of school) and 2 more months to go (to the end of one year and beginning of another).

Well, kids will be heading out for the annual treats from houses while dressed up in their costumes.  My son will be Thor this year (minus the hammer) and my daughter, well she started off wanting to be one thing,, ended up being something else for her dress up day at school.  And now she might have to change it again.  Luckily enough, we have extra costumes hanging around for her to easily switch.

Will I be dressing up??  Probably not,, but I do have plans for next year.  And I’ll need a year to get it all, 🙂

So now it’s your turn.  How do you, the readers, celebrate Halloween?  If you don’t celebrate, what do you do for that night?  Do you still have the candy and treats for the kiddies?  Do you leave the house and go somewhere else during the process?

Maybe you go to a house party or other such places.  I wanna hear what you guys do.

Anyway, until next time.  I’m heading off now to write a bit more.

Have a great and safe Halloween night.

K. ❤

Quick post

In the spirit of Halloween,,, I’ve changed the look of this blog for a while.  I tend to do that as the occasions come up.  I’ll no doubt do this again when Christmas is on the way.  But don’t worry, I won’t change it that early.  I’ll want till the middle of December for that.  There’s nothing worse then seeing Christmas decorations on people’s houses and yards right after Halloween.

It’s bad enough that the stores has it.  One isle is Halloween, and other is Christmas.  Yes, I like shopping early for Christmas just like the next person,,, but give it a couple of days at least.  I know that Christmas is just around the corner, I don’t need the stores reminding me every time I go in to pick up a couple of things.

I just as soon leave but I can’t.  It’s like everyone is so rushed to get it up and done with, there’s no joy in it anymore.

Anyway, before I go off on a rant,,, I better head off.  I do have things that I need to get done.

Until next time,

K. ❤