Call me when October ends…

Well this month went fast.  That’s 2 months down (starting from beginning of school) and 2 more months to go (to the end of one year and beginning of another).

Well, kids will be heading out for the annual treats from houses while dressed up in their costumes.  My son will be Thor this year (minus the hammer) and my daughter, well she started off wanting to be one thing,, ended up being something else for her dress up day at school.  And now she might have to change it again.  Luckily enough, we have extra costumes hanging around for her to easily switch.

Will I be dressing up??  Probably not,, but I do have plans for next year.  And I’ll need a year to get it all, 🙂

So now it’s your turn.  How do you, the readers, celebrate Halloween?  If you don’t celebrate, what do you do for that night?  Do you still have the candy and treats for the kiddies?  Do you leave the house and go somewhere else during the process?

Maybe you go to a house party or other such places.  I wanna hear what you guys do.

Anyway, until next time.  I’m heading off now to write a bit more.

Have a great and safe Halloween night.

K. ❤


Seeing as this is a new month, I want to say welcome to all my new followers to my little blog site.  It surprises me that people find me cool enough to follow, subscribe for post emails, or just to stop by in general.  So to each and every one of you,, THANK YOU!!!

Well, It’s October.  Soon it will be Halloween.  I’d like to know what you do for it.  Do you dress up,, hide away,, don’t bother,, or is it that it’s against your religion?  I’d like to hear everything.

So comment away to share what Halloween is for you,, and I’ll be sure to post pictures if I do anything this year.

K, xo