Expect the Unexpected

You know when it comes to Brett, I should realize that he’s going to make “leaps and bounds” as my husband continues to tell me.  And this summer is a testament to that.   From camp to now, he’s always surprising me.  And to the point that i find myself having a tear roll down my face.

Case in point, take last night for instance.  We were invited to a wedding of a co-worker of my husband, and we were a little concerned with the fact that he can’t keep quiet when you need him to.  When we got inside the church, we sat in the very back row.  Quick access to the door if he got too loud.  But he found something to keep his mind preoccupied.

But he was awesome.  There were no need to leave in the middle of it.  In fact it was the fastest ceremony we’ve ever been too.  We found out why at the reception.  There was supposed to have been a reading.  Apparently, the minister forgot that part, lol.  Oh well, it was still a beautiful ceremony.  I didn’t bother with the camera cause it takes crap pictures in the lighting they use.

Anyway, the service was over at 2:30 and the reception wasn’t until 7.  So we had a few hours to kill.  We met up with another co-worker of hubby’s and brought the 3 of them back here.  We each had a hot beverage, watched a bit of TV and chatted a bit.  

Time was getting close for us to head off again.  I was getting hungry and it was good that there was a Tim Horton’s right next to where the reception was being held.  We found a place to park and headed to timmies.

As we made the corner, the fire station had 3 of their big doors opened.  Showing off the trucks.  So I mentioned to everyone there, “I wonder if I can get a picture of Brett with the fire truck?”  Paul (my hubby) said, “Let’s ask.”  The rest of our party went on to Tims.  One of them asked me what we wanted.  So I gave her our very small order and they headed off.

Brett sitting on the front of the fire truck.

Paul and I, along with Brett walked up towards the station.  By this time, there was a uniformed gentleman there.  So we asked him if it would be ok.  He said “sure” so I had Brett sit on the front of the truck.  Mind you the only thing we had for taking pictures was my cell phone.  We didn’t bother to take the camera.  Though in retrospect, we should have.  Considering what happened during the dance, I’m kicking myself now.

I’m adding in pictures as I go along that’s I’m emailing myself from my cell.  The tables were set up and decorated so beautifully.  There was even a candy table.  Yes, you read right.  A table full of candy that you can take what you want.  See, I wish I had thought of that when I got married, I would have had a chocolate table, lol.  And NUTS. LOL.

Very beautifully decorated with white covered chairs with light and dark green ribbons.

But anyway, I’ll skip to the dance.  Well by the time this started up, Brett was getting tired.  Even asked me if I was getting tired?  Which meant that he was tired and wanted to go.  But we didn’t want to leave quite yet.  He’s done so well with the whole experience that we wanted to see if we could get him up on the dance floor.  Well, we didn’t get him up there for 1 dance, but he got up and danced for 5 songs!!

The first one was with me, but he wasn’t too sure about the dancing bit.  He’s never really gotten into it.  But I think with the lights going, he was getting a little mesmerized with that.  This was the part of the whole wedding part that I wish we had brought the freaking camera.  When it came to the last dance (well for us anyway), Paul had to ask a friend to take a picture of Brett dancing a slow dance with a friends daughter.

The song was “When I See You Smile by Bad English”.  It was requested by Paul for me.  He started to sing it to me while we were dancing.  I started to cry, but it wasn’t for the fact that he was singing it to me, ( which was nice ), it was mainly because Brett took his hands and put it on the girls waist.  I showed him where to put his hands, mainly because he had them at his sides.  Or was trying to hold her hands while dancing.  But he caught on to the idea and put his hands back on her hips on his own.  That’s when I bawled.

Paul ran over to our table and asked one of the women there to get a picture.  And she did.  I’m waiting for it to pop up on facebook. 🙂

Anyway, with the song over, I was wiping my eyes as we walked off the dance floor.  Another co-worker (who was also in the bridal party) walked over to Paul and told him that he almost cried seeing that too.  Apparently “almost” means he did.  Goes to show how much of an impact something so simple as dancing can have on people when they see someone with special needs doing it for the first time.

So on that note, I want to thank you for reading my tears of happiness.  Until next time.



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  1. Somehow I missed this when you posted. That’s great that Brett was able to sit through the ceremony.

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