Making Changes

Last month, I decided that I needed to change a few things.  Mainly the things I eat.  And it really hit me when I stepped on the scales to see a number staring back at me.  It was something that caught me off-guard.

I knew I had weight on, but I never dreamt that it would be THAT much.

162 POUNDS!!!!

That’s when I knew, things had to change.

So right away, I stopped drinking Pepsi.  That was the biggest culprit.  When hubby would mix himself a drink, I’d take what was left in the can and drink it.  Of course, I’d have 1 or 2 besides that throughout the day – every day – for weeks.

I done this for a week, using my U-Count bracelet I got from 21 Day Bracelet, to help me be stay focused on just that task.  Then I cut out junk food.  I gave my last bit of chocolate with almonds to my niece, and started drinking water when I felt both hungry & thirsty.

I also have a journal to write in what I’ve eaten or drank, day by day.  It’s my main way to keep me accountable of what I’ve had that day so I don’t go back to the bad habits.

I’ve also contacted a good friend of mine, Mylène, to let her know what I’ve been up to and how I’m determined on loosing some weight. I was even messaging her while I was out getting some things to replace what I’ve stopped having.

So while I was looking around, she called me instead of messaging.  Which makes sense, it takes to long to type (especially for me, lol).  She’s been my go-to friend when I needed a pep talk.  🙂

So now I can tell you that sugar is one of the worse things out there to eat.  Especially if you consume a lot of it.

As of yesterday, I weighed myself on a whim and I loved the new number looking back at me.


So in a span of almost 2 weeks, I’ve lost 7 POUNDS!!!  Just from sugar alone.

Have I had anything I shouldn’t have?  Most likely.  But if I stick to the water as my main beverage for when I feel either thirsty, hungry or both, then I’m doing amazing.

And most importantly, I feel better about myself.  I know I have a few more pounds to go to reach the weight I want, but at least I’m heading in the right direction when it comes to eating healthier.

Plus I have my friend keeping me true to myself when I send her pictures of things I just seen in a super market, or drug store.

I’ve also portioned out what snacks I did get.  So instead of eating the whole bag of Crispy Minis, I take out the daily number on the back of the bag.  Which in this case is 12 little minis.  And I don’t go back to it until another day.

I’ve tried to change my tea, however, that’s a work in progress.  I have to have my regular Tetley tea.  Though, I don’t put in as much sugar.  I try to go for the Stevia stuff.  That’s a bit more of a taste requirement that I haven’t mastered quite yet, LOL.

I want to thank those of you who have checked in here from time to time.  I hope that I can help anyone who might want to do the same thing. Pass it forward as they say.

If there’s any tidbits anyone would like to share, or questions you’d like to ask, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Until next time.

K ❤



Happy February!!

I know we’ve been into this month for the past 7 days, but hello February.

And looking back, the last time I posted in here was in November. That’s a bit of a break.  And it wasn’t intentional.  I really need to find things that’s interesting to write about.  I wonder if I should post a bit of pieces of what I write about?  Whether it’s short stories, poems, or something.

In the past I’ve asked my readers what they would like to see me write about.  Hence the reason for the long breaks in posts.  I suppose, if I had a general idea of what people find interesting, it would be easier on having something to write about.

I will not be posting about politics.  For one main reason, I hate it.  I find it brings out the worse in people.  So that’s off the table.

Actually, since November, we welcomed our new niece into the world.  Because she was a preemie, she had to stay in hospital for awhile.  But she’s home and doing awesomely.  I love being an aunt. And having just the two nieces, and a fur nephew Joey (my sisters cat), there’s no better feeling (other than being a mom of course, lol).

Now with school half way done for the year, I better start making plans for what to do on their off time.  We usually take the kids on a trip of sorts, camping usually.  This year might be a little different, can’t say what yet as we (hubby and I) haven’t really discussed things.

Then it’s another trip to Cuba.  Love that place, especially the people.  So I’m still crossing my fingers that happens this year.  Still waiting on the prices to drop more than what it is. 🙂

Of course I can’t forget Scifi on the Rock.  I’m NOT missing that convention.  Besides the guests (who are awesome this year), it’s a great mother-daughter weekend.  And it’s going to be wicked because we are dressing up.  Can’t say of what, going to leave that one for later.  But it will be a fun weekend.

I will have to leave this post as is for now.  I have some things to get done.  But I want to wish you all a great day.

Until next time.

K ❤

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