Unexpected Moments

Expect the Unexpected

You know when it comes to Brett, I should realize that he’s going to make “leaps and bounds” as my husband continues to tell me.  And this summer is a testament to that.   From camp to now, he’s always surprising me.  And to the point that i find myself having a tear roll down my face.

Case in point, take last night for instance.  We were invited to a wedding of a co-worker of my husband, and we were a little concerned with the fact that he can’t keep quiet when you need him to.  When we got inside the church, we sat in the very back row.  Quick access to the door if he got too loud.  But he found something to keep his mind preoccupied.

But he was awesome.  There were no need to leave in the middle of it.  In fact it was the fastest ceremony we’ve ever been too.  We found out why at the reception.  There was supposed to have been a reading.  Apparently, the minister forgot that part, lol.  Oh well, it was still a beautiful ceremony.  I didn’t bother with the camera cause it takes crap pictures in the lighting they use.

Anyway, the service was over at 2:30 and the reception wasn’t until 7.  So we had a few hours to kill.  We met up with another co-worker of hubby’s and brought the 3 of them back here.  We each had a hot beverage, watched a bit of TV and chatted a bit.  

Time was getting close for us to head off again.  I was getting hungry and it was good that there was a Tim Horton’s right next to where the reception was being held.  We found a place to park and headed to timmies.

As we made the corner, the fire station had 3 of their big doors opened.  Showing off the trucks.  So I mentioned to everyone there, “I wonder if I can get a picture of Brett with the fire truck?”  Paul (my hubby) said, “Let’s ask.”  The rest of our party went on to Tims.  One of them asked me what we wanted.  So I gave her our very small order and they headed off.

Brett sitting on the front of the fire truck.

Paul and I, along with Brett walked up towards the station.  By this time, there was a uniformed gentleman there.  So we asked him if it would be ok.  He said “sure” so I had Brett sit on the front of the truck.  Mind you the only thing we had for taking pictures was my cell phone.  We didn’t bother to take the camera.  Though in retrospect, we should have.  Considering what happened during the dance, I’m kicking myself now.

I’m adding in pictures as I go along that’s I’m emailing myself from my cell.  The tables were set up and decorated so beautifully.  There was even a candy table.  Yes, you read right.  A table full of candy that you can take what you want.  See, I wish I had thought of that when I got married, I would have had a chocolate table, lol.  And NUTS. LOL.

Very beautifully decorated with white covered chairs with light and dark green ribbons.

But anyway, I’ll skip to the dance.  Well by the time this started up, Brett was getting tired.  Even asked me if I was getting tired?  Which meant that he was tired and wanted to go.  But we didn’t want to leave quite yet.  He’s done so well with the whole experience that we wanted to see if we could get him up on the dance floor.  Well, we didn’t get him up there for 1 dance, but he got up and danced for 5 songs!!

The first one was with me, but he wasn’t too sure about the dancing bit.  He’s never really gotten into it.  But I think with the lights going, he was getting a little mesmerized with that.  This was the part of the whole wedding part that I wish we had brought the freaking camera.  When it came to the last dance (well for us anyway), Paul had to ask a friend to take a picture of Brett dancing a slow dance with a friends daughter.

The song was “When I See You Smile by Bad English”.  It was requested by Paul for me.  He started to sing it to me while we were dancing.  I started to cry, but it wasn’t for the fact that he was singing it to me, ( which was nice ), it was mainly because Brett took his hands and put it on the girls waist.  I showed him where to put his hands, mainly because he had them at his sides.  Or was trying to hold her hands while dancing.  But he caught on to the idea and put his hands back on her hips on his own.  That’s when I bawled.

Paul ran over to our table and asked one of the women there to get a picture.  And she did.  I’m waiting for it to pop up on facebook. 🙂

Anyway, with the song over, I was wiping my eyes as we walked off the dance floor.  Another co-worker (who was also in the bridal party) walked over to Paul and told him that he almost cried seeing that too.  Apparently “almost” means he did.  Goes to show how much of an impact something so simple as dancing can have on people when they see someone with special needs doing it for the first time.

So on that note, I want to thank you for reading my tears of happiness.  Until next time.



Holidays + Friends = FUN TIMES !!!

Each year we go on our annual autism camping trip at the Lion’s Max Simms Memorial Camp not far from Bishop Fall’s.  This was no different except for we had a friend join us.  This was something that was planned for a while.  Though, with her line of work, I didn’t want to get the kids excited that she was coming to camp with us, we weren’t sure if work would stop her from coming.  But she was adamant on coming.  And what a time we all had too.

I was going to write day by day of our time, but it would be too long, so I’ll write the highlights.  Of course a few days before she was to catch her flight here, she managed to twist her ankle on the only pebble on her usual jogging trail.  Which ran along side a train track.  You can imagine the tutting and shaking my head and giggling I done when she tweeted what she had just done, LOL.  I couldn’t help but to laugh.  But I loves ya darling. 🙂

Anyway, the kids at this point was out around the bay.  And if you’re from Newfoundland, you’ll understand that.  🙂  Denise was at my parents house in New Harbour (yes, that’s the right spelling) and Brett was with Paul’s parents in Heart’s Delight.  It worked out nicely that way, at least when the flight got in, we’d have time to ourselves and could relax,,, sort of. 😉

We got her back to the house, long enough for her to claim Denise’s room for the night, and then it was out for supper (or dinner as most people call it) to City Lights on Topsail Rd.  It was nice, just the 3 of us.  Unwinding after a long day.  Then we headed back home where Paul had planned on taking her for a ride on the quad.  But before they headed off, I brought out the ice cream cake we had for her.  Sorry I forgot to get a picture of it.  But it was decorated with purple trimming, her favorite color.

Whoops, all this time typing and you haven’t a clue who the friend was. 🙂  It was Mylene.  For those of you asking the answer is yes.  She’s the very one who my family and I took on a tour of St. John’s last year.  WOW!!!  It’s been a year already.  Geez, time does fly.

Anyway, Paul and Mylene got all geared up with helmets, boots and jackets for her trip up to see our cabin/shack.  Yes I have a picture of that, but sorry, it’s not going public.  I think I’ll have it blown up though and framed for the main wall upstairs, LOL

While they were gone, I straightened up the house a bit.  Though, the majority of it was done,, just a few odds and ends left to do.  By the time they got back, it was time enough for a cuppa tea or coffee, and a piece of the ice cream cake and a chat before we headed off to bed.

The next morning, Paul made us breakfast while I finished packing our clothes for the trip.  Our first stop for the day was at my parents house.  Because we had to pop in to pick up Denise, Mom suggested that we come out for dinner (or lunch as some may call it).  So we packed up the truck with our suitcases, Angel and Hame (typically it’s spelled Hammie, but Hame is how Denise spells it) and we were off.

Oh, I almost forgot, we had the official WWF belt with us.  Before their name changed to WWE.  Bret The Hitman Hart and Kevin Nash (Diesel) were here in Torbay on tour and the General Manager of the Delta Hotel was in attendance.  They had a prize for the lucky person who’s name they drew out of a bag.  And you guessed it, he won it.  Well, he gave us the belt on loan to take to the camp with us.  For the kids to enjoy getting their picture with it.  And it was a huge hit.  Not only with the kids, but even with some of the dads.  Although, I couldn’t help but to walk around with it draping over my shoulder. 😉

Though, before reaching mom’s, I just had to tell Paul to pull over and get a picture of Mylene with the Dildo sign.  Yes, it’s a name of a community not far from where I grew up, LOL.

Anyway, after our moose soup at mom’s and some pictures that mom and Mylene were taking, it was time to head down to Paul’s parents house for the night.  Unfortunately dad wasn’t home while we were there, so I told mom to pop down the shore so dad could meet Mylene.  We packed up Denise and headed off.

As we were entering Cavendish, I asked Paul to pull over on the other side of the road from the house I actually grew up in.  The house in New Harbour is new, I never grew up there.  So he stopped and I pointed to Mylene what room the windows belonged to in the front.  We didn’t stop there long, and it wasn’t until after we had drove off again that I realized that I didn’t introduce Mylene to Jason.  He’s a friend of mine I grew up with and who bought my house.  That’s another story in itself, lol.  Anyway, sorry about that Mylene, 😦

We got to Paul’s parents house and when Brett realized who was with us, he gave her a hug.  I’m not sure she was expecting that.  Not sure any of us were to be honest.  But Brett certainly has grown.  And I don’t mean in height, although he’s way taller then I am now.  But I mean in words and being more aware of his surroundings.  This was the summer where Brett was going to shock and surprise us all. 🙂

After the sleeping arrangements were taking care of, Paul and I took Mylene to meet his grandmother.  We weren’t there that long before Paul’s aunt and uncle popped by.  And it wasn’t long after that when Paul got a call that my parents were there.  So we said our good-byes and headed back to the house.

It doesn’t happen that often when we get both sets of grandparents in the same house, but when it does, you can bet there’ll be laughter.  Especially with Wayne’s jokes.  They are not that funny, but you laugh because he’s cracking up laughing at his own jokes. LOL.  I’m not sure how long my parents were there for, but I know it was a great time.

Well, after they were gone, it was time to hit the bunks as well.  We wanted to get on the road as early as possible.  Mainly cause we wanted to make a few stops along the way.  We said our good-byes to the in-laws, made sure Hame (Hammie) was settled into the room for the while we were gone.  Yeah, we had Paul’s parents look after the pets while we were at camp.  We were staying inside this time as we had the camper sold, it was much easier this way.

Next morning….

After we helped clean up from breakfast, I started handing Paul the suitcases to be packed in the back of the truck so we could head off.  It was supposed to rain that day,, more like drizzle here and there, so Paul had to put all our suitcases in individual garbage bags to keep dry.  As well as cover it all with a tarp.  With all 5 of us aboard the truck, we said our byes and headed off.

We were making good timing.  We were able to make a couple of stops.  One was Goobies, the other was Gambo.  Our last stop before the camp was to Gander.  Typically we go to Mary Brown’s for some chicken, but we were hoping to meet up with a couple of other friends at McDonalds.  I know, I know.  Trust me, I’d much rather have gone to Mary Brown’s.  Anyway, after our late lunch, we headed to a liquor store to pick up some goodies for camp.  Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for partying.  Especially after the kids are in their beds.  And as I’m the Camp DJ, I was all pumped in getting the party started. 😀

We found the store, which is attached to Dominion (grocery store), because I had to pick up a few things for Brett.  Then Paul caught up with me.  He wanted to get a cod’s head.  Our plan was to screech in Mylene. 😉  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any, so we had to settle for a salmon’s head instead.  It still served it’s purpose. 🙂

Then we were off again.  And no sooner were we on the dirt road headed to the camp, when Paul put on the brakes,,, unexpectedly I may add.  It wasn’t until he started backing back that we realized why.  MOOSE!!!!

Yep, a real one.  It was young though, but still very cool.  Paul gently got out of the truck, and I hit the button to put down the window for Mylene in the back seat to get some pictures,, and videos.  I’m surprised she had room on her camera by the time she left to go home again, LOL

We got to the camp and gave a look around to see what other vehicles were here.  Of course right away, the kids headed to the playground.  Which was fine, gave us time to look for Doreen, the lady in charge 😉  We did meet up with another parent though, but she hadn’t seen Doreen.  So we started to unload the truck to the usual rooms we claim every year.  The best part was that we were the only ones in that section.  Which was great, it gave us some extra privacy.

Well the whole weekend was amazing.  Mylene was enjoying her time with the families, especially the kids, LOL.  And the best of all was the fact that Brett was very social this time.  A parent seen Brett walking about and said “Hi Brett.”  With his shock, Brett answered back “Hi.”  We weren’t there to see or hear this, the parent told Paul after the fact.  But hearing that, it was a WOW moment.

Compared to last year where all he wanted to do was to stay in the TV room off the cafeteria, every announcement of a craft, he had no problems in leaving what he was doing and join in this time.  And especially if someone changed the channel on him.  He would have been very pissed off that the only way to calm him down was to put the show back on that he was watching.  This year, if someone came in and changed the channel, it was like ‘oh well’, and he’d be found on the merry-go-round.  Well there or the swings.  Like I said,, Brett has changed so much this past year.  We’re not sure if it’s cause he’s getting older and thus more mature, or if it was for the fact that Mylene was there experiencing his camp with him.  We’re going to say it’s cause of Mylene, 🙂

It’s hard to figure out with Brett who he’s going to latch onto, but when he first met her last year, he would smile when we’d mention her name.  Even showing him pictures and asking him who it is, he’d smile and say her name.  And correctly at that.  🙂

Besides Brett’s transformation, we also screeched in Mylene.  That was so much fun trying to get everything ready for it on the sly, lol.  But we managed to pull it off.  She was so overwhelmed with what we were doing that she started to fill up.  Of course I felt my eyes getting a little teary, but I managed to wipe the tears away without anyone seeing me, 🙂 I hope.  It was an awesome time, one that I’m sure I’ll tell over and over to whoever will listen, 🙂

But, I’m sorry to say I don’t have any pictures.  I know, my bad.  I’ll get some from Mylene when I chat with her again.  Lord knows she’s took enough, LOL  And you can pretty much bet that she’ll have some up on her blog.  The only picture I was able to get was of Brett showing off the WWF Championship Belt.Brett with the WWF Championship Belt

I probably missed some things, and if I did, I’ll make notes for another blog.  But for now, I’ll end it right here.

To Mylene; I want to tell you how much I enjoyed having you share our holiday with you.  Our first meeting last year was nothing compared to this one.  Taking the time out of your schedule to join us on our annual camping trip meant everything to me, especially the kids.  You’re an awesome friend, one I’ll treasure forever.  So this video is for you.  I’m getting there with accepting compliments, and I think this video says it all.  Thank you Mylene, for being you, 🙂

K, xoxo