Yes… I done it again!

Hello again.  Yes, I done it again.  I gave this place another look.  I know,, I know,, *facepalm*.

Sure you all knew it was going to happen eventually, LOL.

Well, I got some news for everyone,,, I sent out a resume today via email.  My first one in ,,, ummm,,, 17 years.  Yes, I said 17 years!!!  Thanks,, like I didn’t need to feel any older that I am right now.  Albeit, I don’t look my age,, so I guess maybe I should be thanking everyone, LOL.

Anyway,, I’m hoping that I hear some good news from it.  I’m a tad nervous too.  I haven’t done the working scene since I left and had my first child.  Yes, I’m refering to Brett.  Well,, actually,, he’ll be 17 in January.  Holy crap!!  17!!  Where the hell have the time gone???

Cutting this very short,,,, need to start on some salads to go with our supper.

Until next time.

K. xo.

PS: If this theme doesn’t work for ya, let me know and I’ll change it again, 🙂 .



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