Bittersweet day

Today is my cousins birthday.  Although, one would usually call the person up, email them, or send them a message on Facebook, today I can’t do any of those things.  You see, back in July my cousin died suddenly.  And although we should be having cake and celebrating his 40th, we are left with this void.

I know some people (weather they be family or friends) are still at little angry.  I have gone past that feeling now, with the help of some friends.  I know that I have to move on,, but how can I (or anyone else) really???  Today Dennis would have been 40.  40!!  That is way to young.  But carry on I must.

So today I shall raise a glass, think of all the awesome times we shared and enjoy my day like he would have wanted.

Happy Birthday Dennis.  With all my heart. ❤

Karen, xo

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