Write more, Procrastinate less.

I swear one of these days I’ll actually write more on this site, instead of posting with months in between. If not years. LOL

And it’s not like I don’t have the time to post anything, because I have days off from my daytime job to do just this. I seem to be always making excuses to not do what I say I want to do.

Between my daytime job, doing my regular housework, gardening (when the weather is nice), reading a huge load of to-be-read books, and writing my own book, I’m surprised I find the time to breathe.

So this is me, making an attempt to write a little in the book I have saved. And this is also me trying and taking an hour each night to read whatever book I have on my night table by my bed.

With a combination of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I’m going to have to do some serious cutting off the apps so I can truly focus on my projects and complete them.

I get a sense that’s probably why I haven’t found a publishing company to take me on as I seem to be too curious as to what’s being said on the apps I’ve listed above.

So, here’s me, starting tomorrow (after work), to take my writing project more seriously. Considering I have an amazing person helping me with certain aspects of my book, I don’t want to disappoint him. And I have an awesome local #1 Int. & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, who is always encouraging me to keep going.

Hence why I don’t want to prolong this as much as I have already. I want to get this done and make those who mean the world to me, proud. I know they are already, but I’ve had this book started for a few months now, and I need to get it done.

Though, here’s where I ask a favor from you all. If by chance you are following me on Twitter, give me a virtual kick in my behind to get my book finished. Trust me, I’ll appreciate it in the end.

And on that note, I’m heading off. I have work in the morning and I want to get a good night’s sleep.

Thank you for reading (or listening to) my short-ish post.

Until next time.

K ❤


Making Changes

Last month, I decided that I needed to change a few things.  Mainly the things I eat.  And it really hit me when I stepped on the scales to see a number staring back at me.  It was something that caught me off-guard.

I knew I had weight on, but I never dreamt that it would be THAT much.

162 POUNDS!!!!

That’s when I knew, things had to change.

So right away, I stopped drinking Pepsi.  That was the biggest culprit.  When hubby would mix himself a drink, I’d take what was left in the can and drink it.  Of course, I’d have 1 or 2 besides that throughout the day – every day – for weeks.

I done this for a week, using my U-Count bracelet I got from 21 Day Bracelet, to help me be stay focused on just that task.  Then I cut out junk food.  I gave my last bit of chocolate with almonds to my niece, and started drinking water when I felt both hungry & thirsty.

I also have a journal to write in what I’ve eaten or drank, day by day.  It’s my main way to keep me accountable of what I’ve had that day so I don’t go back to the bad habits.

I’ve also contacted a good friend of mine, Mylène, to let her know what I’ve been up to and how I’m determined on loosing some weight. I was even messaging her while I was out getting some things to replace what I’ve stopped having.

So while I was looking around, she called me instead of messaging.  Which makes sense, it takes to long to type (especially for me, lol).  She’s been my go-to friend when I needed a pep talk.  🙂

So now I can tell you that sugar is one of the worse things out there to eat.  Especially if you consume a lot of it.

As of yesterday, I weighed myself on a whim and I loved the new number looking back at me.


So in a span of almost 2 weeks, I’ve lost 7 POUNDS!!!  Just from sugar alone.

Have I had anything I shouldn’t have?  Most likely.  But if I stick to the water as my main beverage for when I feel either thirsty, hungry or both, then I’m doing amazing.

And most importantly, I feel better about myself.  I know I have a few more pounds to go to reach the weight I want, but at least I’m heading in the right direction when it comes to eating healthier.

Plus I have my friend keeping me true to myself when I send her pictures of things I just seen in a super market, or drug store.

I’ve also portioned out what snacks I did get.  So instead of eating the whole bag of Crispy Minis, I take out the daily number on the back of the bag.  Which in this case is 12 little minis.  And I don’t go back to it until another day.

I’ve tried to change my tea, however, that’s a work in progress.  I have to have my regular Tetley tea.  Though, I don’t put in as much sugar.  I try to go for the Stevia stuff.  That’s a bit more of a taste requirement that I haven’t mastered quite yet, LOL.

I want to thank those of you who have checked in here from time to time.  I hope that I can help anyone who might want to do the same thing. Pass it forward as they say.

If there’s any tidbits anyone would like to share, or questions you’d like to ask, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Until next time.

K ❤


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