This, That, and Everything in between.

Wow.  This is a record.  Writing up another post after doing one yesterday.  Better write that on the calendar, LOL.

Though, I was thinking last night (yes I know,, BAD idea 🙂 ), of changing the tagline on this site to “The Ramblings of a… “.

But of what?

“Stay at home mom”?  Nah.  Doesn’t sound too interesting.

“Wacky Writer”?  Hmmm, maybe.

“Nerdy Noob”?  *facepalm*

I seem to have lost my creativity in coming up with something that seems so simple.  So I’m asking you, my readers, to come up with a catchy tagline to go under my name for this blog site.

So to help you guys and gals out, here’s some tidbits about me.

I love sci-fi (Stargate, all 3), Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit Trilogies (especially Kili 😉 )

I love drama as well, NCIS (Love Gibbs), 19Two (awesome Canadian show) and Castle (I assume it would fall into this category).

I love BBC shows.  Mrs. Brown’s Boys (OMG it’s hilarious), and my new favorite, Poldark (not sure why, 😉 LOL.

Mind you if you follow me on twitter, you can figure out pretty quickly the type of person I am.  I love meeting and chatting (or tweeting) with people.

I’m not religious (not sure where I really stand on that topic), which seems to be taking me on some sort of journey for that answer.

If there’s anything else you wanna know about me,, pop me a tweet and I’ll answer as best I can.  If you don’t have twitter,, then post your questions here and I’ll answer there as well.

Anyway,, I have to get going.  Housework won’t get done themselves.  Though I wish it did. LOL.

Until next time,

K ❤ .

My Year in Review…

This might not be as long as my other years, or as interesting, but it’s something.

Trying to think of what I done throughout the year can be tedious.  Especially where there’s days I don’t remember what I had for breakfast the day before. 😀  So I’ll just do the highlights of what happened in 2013.

Only big thing that happened in January was Brett’s birthday.  And it’s scary with the thought of his birthday coming up again in a few days and he’ll be 16.  I don’t look like someone who has a teenager for their child.  But I look at it that it’s having a child with special needs is what’s keeping me young.

The One

My book is available on

February was when I  published my first book.  I tell ya, that was the one thing that I’ve been so nervous about in my whole life.  As soon as I made the post on facebook that my book was available on, I get a reply from my friend in the US saying that she just bought her copy.  Well,,, I cried when I read that.  It was a good thing the kids were in school, and hubby was at work, cause my eyes were red and puffy.  I wasn’t looking pretty, lol.  Then a little while later, I get a phone call from a childhood friend from Ontario.  And she got me crying again.  I’m so grateful for my friends, they are awesome.  Their support is so overwhelming.  And I know that some of them will read this, so I want to thank you all.  I love you all. xoxo.

March.  Well this is when we were supposed to go to Cuba. Unfortunately we had to cancel 2 days before flying out due to unforeseen medical reasons.  But we were able to get the majority of the money back,,, gotta love insurance, and gave the money to our awesome travel agent to put on a gift card for us when we found another place to go.  It took a while, but we found one.  It’s still in Cuba, just in a different location.  Though this time we will be going with friends.  I’m so excited!!!  Can’t you tell??  If you have me on Facebook, I’ve been doing a countdown.  As of today we have 132 days left. :)

I'm in Stargate heaven :)

I’m in Stargate heaven 🙂

This brings me to April.  Well this is the month we have our annual Sci-Fi event, Sci-Fi on the Rock.   And this year I was in my glee.  Not only did I get to meet Mike Dopud, but I was lucky enough to get to meet Gary Jones as well.  I was in Stargate heaven.  But I kept my cool.  I done my fangirl squeals when I was alone.  Usually when driving home after a long day of taking care of Mike’s needs.  I was assigned to look after him for the weekend.  I never asked him, but I hope I done a good job,  🙂 

May and June we were preparing for the kids finishing up their school year, and getting ready for our annual autism camp.  You know the saying, if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything.  Well… 

July and August.  These 2 months went by so fast.  We had the autism camp on the first weekend of July, then the kids were taking turns with both sets of grandparents, and home.  I think if I could do it, I’d like to spend most of the summer away from town.  To get away from city rules would be a wonderful vacation indeed.

September started up the school routines again.  Though this time, Brett started high school.  Yep, he’s in grade 10 (or level I as we used to call it growing up).  Denise is in Grade 5, so she’s got 1 more year left in this school, then she’ll be in Jr. High.  Saying that makes me feel older then I am, lol

November.  I was asking the kids what they wanted for Christmas.  Yes I have to do it that early, especially for Brett as he tends to ask for things that I have to order online.  And sometimes it’s hard to track down so I’ll need all that time to locate it.  Though, usually anything dealing with Dinosaurs will make him happy,, I still try to get what he asks for.   Mainly because he doesn’t ask for much, so when he shows interest in things, I want to make sure he gets his requests.  Now in saying that, I don’t give in to him all the time.  There’s days when he will want something, (usually when we go to the mall and Cole’s Bookstore is close by) I will tell him a simply ‘no, not today’, and he is fine.  He doesn’t take with a tantrum like I’ve seen some kids do out shopping.  And the fact that he’s autistic and the other kids i see are not, makes me wonder if their parents are afraid to say no every once in a while?


Oreo Psycho Ford

This is the month when we got Oreo too.  She wasn’t quite 8 weeks old, but she ended up being a great addition to our little family.  And with the loss of Hammie (our hamster), she helped Denise’s sadness. 

December brings one of the biggest highlights to my year.  This year I turned 40.  Yes, there, I’ve said it,,, I’M 40!!!   Before you all ask,, no, I didn’t do anything different to celebrate it.  It was just the usual quite day with my hubby and kids, and my usual ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  I know it’s ironic and maybe weird to some to have an ice cream cake in the winter.  But every birthday here has to have one.  In fact, when Brett’s birthday next week comes,, he’ll have one too.  🙂  And if you haven’t had one for your big day, then you should. 

Now mind you, I have started writing on the sequel to my first book back in February.  Along with adding to the script off and on throughout the year.  I’ve been in a great webseries called Star Trek Reliant.  It’s an awesome show to watch.  I’ve had the honor to be apart of it as well.  I’ve been a few characters already, though my favorite is Dr. Sheppard.  If you know me, you know how we came up with that name, lol 😉 

And that’s my year in a nutshell.  Told ya it may be short and not that interesting.  Though I plan on making 2014 an awesome year.  With writing 2 books at the same time, finishing up on the script to start filming this summer, this is going to be a very busy year.

So on that note, I want to wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2014.

Love always,

Karen, xo.

Our Christmas Excursion

This is what it’s all about.

Christmas time spent with family and friends.

I must say, even though hubby didn’t get the holidays he had hoped for, it was still a nice time.

We ended up leaving on Christmas Eve to head for hubby’s parents house.  They had family coming for Christmas day supper (dinner for everyone else, 🙂 ) and where she threw her back out a week prior, we knew she wasn’t going to be able to do it with just the 2 of them there.  So we packed up half the presents, 3 suitcases, the dog and ourselves and headed off.

Yes, I had the iPad with us.  But it was more for Denise to use when she wanted to play with it.  I tweeted a couple of times, but not that often.  At least it took up less space then the laptop I usually take on excursions like this, 🙂

Well, Christmas morning came and we ate breakfast first.  I think Brett was a little confused with it all as he’s not used to opening up gifts anywhere but at home.  But he sat on the floor and I started passing them their gifts.

I brought out gifts from my parents, the in-laws, a couple of aunts, and a friend from the mainland.  They were all a hit.  Especially the dinosaur movies that we and a friend gave Brett.  He won’t watch them though, until Christmas is actually over and all the gifts are put away.

Denise got a camera this year.  She was always using ours, or the video camera (that takes both pictures and videos).  So we thought it was time to give her her own.  Only thing I misread was the fact that it takes 3 AAA batteries. not the double A’s.  So we figure we’ll have to get the rechargeable AAA package for her.  Though, I figure we’ll need lots of the small batteries as the camera sucks the life out of them fast, LOL.

I have to still set up her camera on the computer, so I figure I’ll get that done when things gets put away.  Which won’t be that long from now.  I tend to start putting things away even before the New Years ring in.  Definitely before Brett’s birthday.  The last thing to get put away is the tree.  Then I figure I’ll be re-arranging the living room again.

I’ll skip some time now and go straight to the preparing for the Christmas Day supper.  Dinner to some people, :).  Either way, it was 5:30pm when we all sat to eat.

And what a meal it was too.  Turkey, stuffing, veggies, gravy.  Yummmm.

It was a nice time.  Catching up with people we don’t see every day.

We even had hubby’s brother on skype to join in on the conversation. 🙂

I think it was about 7pm when we all started to clear out.  Hubby packed up the truck with the clothes and gifts.  Brett was constantly asking for “Nanny Williams house”.  So at least he knew that was where we were going next to stay the night.

We said our good-byes and headed for my parents house.

Well, we got there and the car was gone.  Although, I was calling dad’s cell and the house phone to let them know we were on the way.  Cell phones are great to have, though, it would be loads better if we can actually get service with them.

Oh well, I got out of the truck and surprisingly the door was unlocked for us.  I guess they figured we wouldn’t be too much longer.  So I went to the door to let hubby know to come on in.  Then I went in search for a phone book.

I figured there was 1 of 3 places they would be, Uncle Dean’s, Aunt Irene’s or my cousins place.  So I called my uncle’s place first.  They weren’t there.  So I called my aunt’s place and got a chuckle when I heard her answer the phone.  “You’ve got company.”  I couldn’t use my cell as the service is weird out there, so I had to use mom’s house phone.  She passed the phone to mom and then a few minutes after that, they were home too.

The kids seen they had stockings there too, so they were excited to see what they got in them.  Though, now I figure this will be a yearly tradition.  Taking turns between the in-laws house or my parents for Christmas.

While the kids settled into their beds, we sat around the kitchen table and had a yarn with some munchies.

Not long after that, we all went to bed.  We had a long day ahead of us.

Morning came and I didn’t want to get out of bed.  It was too comfy to leave.  But if I wanted to eat, I had to get up.

Aunt Irene popped up to see what mom and dad got.  Brett was either in the room or watching Discovery Channel.  That and Animal Planet are his 2 favorite channels to watch.  Denise was wherever we all were :).

They say time flies.  Well it sure did.  Especially after we had some lunch, which was leftover chicken from the day before.  Sadly I didn’t get many pictures.  However, between mom and Denise, there were quite a few taken that day. 🙂

Soon it was 2pm and time for us to head home again.  The kids still had gifts in here to open yet.  But besides that, where I was checking facebook and twitter on the iPad from time to time, I was given a message from a friend that there was some things left by the door for us.  That puzzled us.  Who could it be from and what was it?

I come to find out that it was some little oranges from our neighbour across the street who I usually try and do gardening for.  She’s such a sweet lady.

The only thing I should have done was to have heaters on in the house so we’d come back to a warm home.  *facepalm*.  I turned on the heater in the living room so it wouldn’t take so long to heat up.

Well we kept our jackets on and our slippers, while we waited for the house to warm up from the wood stove.  Of course, Denise was excited to see what the big gift was from my sister to her. 🙂

Well after a little while, the house was warmed enough that the kids could open the rest of the presents.  It was funny though.  After the kids got their last gift, Denise spoke up, “is that all?”  LOL.  Had to remind her that she opened half of them out to Nanny Ford’s house on Christmas Day.  🙂

Well the gift my sister gave Denise was a huge success.  It’s a Disney Princess arts & crafts set.  It’s all on Cinderella.  One of Denise’s favorite princesses.  But you can’t go wrong with the Monster High dolls. 🙂

Sorry I don’t have a picture right now to post with this blog, I’ll most likely have one to post via the iPad on twitter and facebook sometime today.

As for me and hubby, we got some clothes, gun cleaning set, and a few other things.  I think our favorite (I know it’s mine) is the Keurig single cup coffee maker we got from my parents.  It came with sample K-cups.  I guess to see which ones we like the best.  I couldn’t wait to get it registered.  Though, had to call my parents to find out the date of purchase.  The rest I was able to fill out.

By doing so, I was sent a thank you email for registering the new machine, and given a code to buy two 24 pack K-cups and get two others for free.  However, I think we’ll have these samples gone before we get our order, 😀 .

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read about our holidays.  I hope you will keep coming back to see what’s in store for 2013.

Until next time,