Goodbye November

I can’t believe how fast this month have past by.  Felt like yesterday that the kids were going to their first day of school and now here we are getting ready for Christmas.

NO! We are not decorating yet.  For me it’s too early.  Even when the 1st of December,, it’s still too early.  Besides, I’d like to enjoy my birthday first before I see a tree or the decorations up around the house.

Plus I’ve been working on 2 BOOKS!!  Yes, I’m that crazy.  But it couldn’t be helped.  When you get an idea, you have to run with it.  So I’m doing the sequel (which I feel won’t be as long as the first one) and this new mystery book (which is coming along nicely).

And considering that my hubby is constantly getting approached by a co-worker on the sequel, which I feel bad about, but it’s getting done. 🙂

So instead I’m sitting here, listening to Ben Haenow on repeat (thanks to YouTube), seeing to housework and writing.  This month has definitely been an interesting one.  I wonder what adventures December will hold for me.  I guess we’ll find out.

Until then (which is tomorrow 🙂  )

K ❤


Hello November. Wait, WHAT???

Ok, I know I have a problem with posting on a regular basis, but this is ridiculous.  😀

I guess it was where I was spending so much time writing my new book that I lost track of time.  Yeah, that’s it,, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it, LOL

Yes, I’m still writing on the sequel.  But I find that this way sort of helps.  When I get stuck writing on one,, I can switch over to the other.  Plus it helps to have great music playing along as you write.  It helps me that’s for sure.

I’ve gone from listening to R5, Kelly Clarkson, Def Leppard, Taylor Swift and everything in between.  Now I’m obsessed with Ben Haenow.  There’s something about his voice.

Anyway,, this will be a short post.  I have some things that I really need to get done today, and the time is ticking down.

Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend.

Until next time.

K ❤

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