Short & Sweet

Well, I managed to write 7 pages for the script.  I tell ya, this is hard.  Hats off to all the writers out there from the TV shows I used to watch, and still do.  But then again, you’re all probably writing together in a room, bouncing ideas off one another.  I have myself usually, sitting at the table, with either a cuppa tea or a bottle of water.  Albeit, I’m never alone.  I usually have a friend online I chat with.  The conversations we have can be a TV show in itself, LOL.

Besides writing, I have Christmas coming up.  Not sure what’s gonna happen there.  We were supposed to be going to the inlaws for the holidays.  I wanted the kids to experience Christmas like hubby and I have growing up.  Not sure it will happen now with what’s going on at hubby’s work.  I hope it works out and we can still do what we want to do, but I’m not holding my breath.

Well, speaking of Christmas, I have the majority of the gifts bought.  Even wrapped too.  I have to buy for hubby, and 1 more thing for Denise.   Albeit, she had a long list of things from the Sears Wishbook.  But I didn’t get one this year.  So instead, I told her to make a list of the top 5 things she’d like to have.  But don’t think she’s getting ALL 5.  If I had to have win the lotto when it was $50 million, what a Christmas we’d have. 🙂

Anyway, thanks for popping in for a short read.  I’ll try and have more in the days to come. Especially coming close to the holidays.

Until then,


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