Please help return puppy to right owner

This just came to my attention a little while ago in an autism group on facebook that has me very peeved.  How some people can be downright disheartening is beyond me.  And I’d love for this to get back to the family in question, because I’m so very disgusted with them.

A family was at a Santa Clause Parade in Cape Breton and a little 10 year old girl had lost her dog.  A little Yorkie.  The little girl was so upset they put out a reward of $500 to the person who finds the dog and brings it back.

Reasonable isn’t it?? I thought so.  Unfortunately that’s not what has happened.

A family has the dog but is not willing to return it because their child has bonded with it.  Mind you, this child is autistic.  And the family is not willing to give it back to the little girl who owns it.

Now for those of you who don’t know me, I have a child with autism.  But I DO NOT agree with this.  This family has no right to keep the dog because their child has bonded with it.  Take the $500 and put it towards your own dog.  What gives you the right to take from a child?  How the hell would you feel if it was your dog that someone found and would  not return?

AND RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS !!!!   If they have any moral sense at all, they would return the dog to the little girl.

I know I’m probably going to get some flack on this one.  But to be honest, I really don’t care.  That family has no heart whatsoever.  And before you say that I’d do the same thing where I have a child with autism.  I can tell you you’re wrong.  I would NEVER keep anything that’s not mine to begin with.  I walked past someone on the street once who dropped some money.  I picked it up and caught up with them to give it back.

Just because a child has autism, doesn’t mean they can’t be taught right from wrong.  If they keep the dog, they are only teaching their children to take what you want, no matter if it hurts others in the process.  Now, how wrong does that sound.

If I loose followers on twitter because of this post, then so be it.  I’m voicing my opinions.  But I feel I’m not alone on these views.  Some people in the Autism Group on Facebook feels as I do.  And I wish to share this story right here for you all to read.

Little girl asks to be reunited with missing puppy for Christmas


Now read this –

Lost puppy found, but not returned to heartbroken owner

Read more:

I left a comment on the second link, I hope all of this gets resolved soon and that little Bailey is returned to the little girl.

Please help me by passing this around and posting it wherever you can think of.  This family needs to do the right thing and return the dog.

Thank you for reading.



2 thoughts on “Please help return puppy to right owner”

  1. That is really sad. What kind of person would keep someone else’s pet?

    1. Obviously someone with no morals at all. I’m hoping with all the things being said in the media, this family will do the right thing and give the dog back to the little girl.

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