September updates,,,,

Wow!!!  September, where did you go??

A month is gone, and it only feels like the kids have been in school for a few days.  I guess when things are going great, time seems to take off.

September brought me a few ups and downs.  But now it’s time to move on from that,, learn from it and carry on.

I know I sound like I’m repeating myself here, but I’m going to really try to type something each day,,, even if it’s just a quote from someone inspirational.  And trust me,, I have many people who  I look up to.  Some are my friends,, others are aquantiances.  OK,, most are aquantiances.  But they are awesome people and I appreciate them each day.

As for my sequel.  Yes, I’m still writing it.  Even though I got that one hater who left a review for the first one questioning weather I should finish the story at all.  But, after talking with a few friends,, one in particular, he’s told me that you’re not successful until you have haters.  He congratulated me in having my first one.  Though, I doubt this hater will stop.  I started rethinking if I should continue with the sequel because of this cowardly person.  But that will only let them win,,, so I’m continuing with the storyline, so I can end it off.  Then I can start another book that I have in mind to write.  I’m even going to take some of my life’s experiences and incoorporate it into the book.

Congratulations dear hater.  Only thing you have succeeded on was to motivate me to continue doing what I enjoy doing… writing stories.  I’m just sad for you that you feel the need to put others down to make yourself feel good.

But I won’t dwell,, “And we’re walking.”  :p

Anyway,, I have to head off now.  Not much of an update for September.  Sorry about that,, but I’ll make a better effort from this point on.

Until tomorrow.

K, xo


2 thoughts on “September updates,,,,”

  1. Where has the year gone! Do what you love Karen. if criticism is constructive, that’s OK. it’s often good to get another perspective. However many people take great delight in hate and troll to tear others down. Try not to even consider them. Take care xoxo Maryanne

    1. Thx Maryanne, I’m not gonna give the haters anymore thought. I’m appreciative to all my friends in my writing journey. XO

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