Countdown begins…

Actually the countdown has begun a few months ago,,, my countdown to the 3rd and final movie from The Hobbit trilogy – The Battle of the Five Armies.  I’m so excited too.  And a little sad.  Not looking forward to what happens in the end.  And no,, I wouldn’t have known what to watch out for if I didn’t stumble across the spoiler from a commenter for a clip on YouTube.  Gee, thanks a lot.  Have I even read the books???  No.  I only knew the movies.  Well, that’s a lie,, I knew about the books,, I just never read them PRIOR to watching any of the films.

Do I have the books?  Yes.

Have I read them since THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy?  Nope.

Will I read them?  Well duh.  But finding time to read the books and trying to write my own is proving to be quite the challenge.

Albeit, playing games on facebook is not helping either.  Which is why I’ve made a deal with myself that as of January 1st, I’m going to concentrate more on the writing, and less to online stuff.

Will I still be blogging???  Yes.  Of course I will.  In fact, if you liked my Facebook Author Page, all my posts I write in here will be sent there.  Unless you signed up for an email alert.  Otherwise, I’ll be pretty much disappeared from the online scene.

If I want people to take me seriously as a writer, I need to take this step to make my main goal a reality.  What is that you ask?  I want to write a best seller.  Something that may one day be produced into a movie.  That would be my ultimate dream come true.

Although, I have yet to announce it on Facebook or Twitter for that matter.  But I know my friends will understand.  They have been my biggest supporters in this endeavour.  And for that I’ll always be truly grateful to each and every one of them.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Until next time.

K, xo


3 thoughts on “Countdown begins…”

  1. Karen can you believe that it’s only a few more days until Part 3? Nine days to be exact. I’m equally excited my friend and I understand what it’s like to not want it to end. I wish the story can go on and on forever, much like this comment. lol

    You’ll do great on the writing sweety! perhaps we have a write-in sometime?

    1. A write-in sounds awesome. Maybe for your next November writing thing, 🙂

      Part 3 is going to be EPIC. I’ve been watching little clips from the teaser, and I’m getting really excited, 🙂

      1. Yes! Let’s make a deal that we’re totally gonna do Nano and win next year!

        Yeah those trailers are killing me.. when Bilbo was trying to reason with the Thorin! >.< I may have Squee'd! Dude! 8 more days!!

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