A little input…

I’ve often sat in front of the laptop and wondered what I should write about.  Then I wonder if what I write will get the interest of the reader. Then it’s the “how often should I post in my blog?” only to realize that for the most part, it’s up to that individual blogger.

It could take hours for me to actually have all my thoughts written down, only to start deleting them again.  Thinking that ‘maybe that’s a bit more information I care to share’ or ‘don’t think they would find this interesting’ or even ‘would they really care if I posted this?’.

I could have posts in draft for days and days on end and not get published, only for me to delete because they are irrelevant now.  Leaving this blog to go days without something written.

I love writing.  Though always hated reading, LOL.  Mainly because I’m dyslexic and reading (especially in my younger days) was the hardest chore I had to do.  And don’t get me started on what it was like in school. But now, I can pick up a book with no problems.

However, I’m not even sure if this is all that interesting for you – the reader, as you read this.  So here’s the thing.  Give suggestions on topics that you’d like to get my views on.

Though, Politics and Religion are out.  For one, I don’t know that much about Politics and for two, Religion can get touchy so I’d rather not  blog about my thoughts on the matter, for everyone’s sake, 🙂

So let’s get started shall we?

You can either leave a comment as to the topic you’d like my thoughts on in here, or you can find me on Twitter and nab me over there.  Just say that you have a topic for my next blog and we’ll go from there.

Sorry if this was a boring post, but I’m really at a loss of what to write about that people would find interesting enough to stay.

Until next time.

K ❤

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