This, That & Everything else

Not sure how long this post will be, or if it will be exciting, but figured posting once a month is not often enough.  Then again, writing every day I was never any good at.  Even writing in a regular journal.  But perhaps I’d make more headway with one of those then to sit and type every day.  Especially when I’m supposed to be writing to finish off two books I’m doing.

I was doing so well starting off with the NaNoWriMo that I actually thought that this year I’d actually make it to the end and have a book finished and ready for publication.  It doesn’t look like that will happen now.  At least not in time for Christmas anyway.  With so much of life stuff happening of late, that I just don’t have the energy when I do finally get a moment to sit and relax with a cuppa tea to do anything but flake out on the couch and vegetate.

Being back and forth to the hospital visiting sis in-law, to now trying to catch up with housework, and trying to get time to visit our new niece in the NICU, (sis in-law had her last week).  Life is anything but dull around here.

I was able to see her when she was a day old.  And fell in love with her.  Christmas is definitely gonna be adventurous this year. 🙂

So for those of you waiting for the sequel, I really do apologize for this very long wait.  I don’t know how other authors do it.  Writing book after book and actually making a living at it.  I get so distracted that I was luck to get the first one out, LOL

But I am very trying.  I’m even considering on staying off social media until I get it done. And yes I know, I’ve said that before.  But trying to stay motivated and on track with writing is becoming harder to do when I have so much other things that needs doing.  This is when I’d love to have a maid 24/7 LOL.  And a butler would be nice too, to bring me fresh cups of tea. 🙂  Oh to dream of those days, LMAO.

But I’m sitting here as my tea is going cold trying to figure out where to take my characters in the 2 books I’m doing.  I know how the 2nd book will end, it’s just writing the journey is the problem I’m currently having.

As for the sequel.  Ugh!  That one is becoming a pain in my side.  Thinking back when I first had the idea of putting the story to publication, I should have finished writing it to give it a proper ending.  Never writing TO BE CONTINUED ever again!!!  I didn’t realize how hard it would be to ACTUALLY continue it. LOL.

If there’s other authors out there who read my blog, would you kindly give me suggestions as to how to get this sequel done.  Does it have to be the same page length as the first? Does it have to be the same amount of chapters?

Most people when they write, they do jot notes, have 3 or 4 drafts (maybe more) done, then they send it off to their publishers.  Well I’m not so lucky when it comes to that, as I’m the author, editor and publisher of my own works.  Which can get tedious when it comes to promotion especially.  Main reason is because I’m crap at it.  I know that I need to promote more, this is where friends come in handy, 🙂

I don’t write up drafts, at least in my mind that’s not what I call it.  If I misspell a word, then I correct it.  If a line doesn’t make sense, then I keep working at it until it does.  I know I should look past the mistakes and go back to it after the story is written, but those lines bug me and therefore I have to fix it.

Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.  I’m trying to write something in it’s finished content that I’m stressing myself out in the process and waiting days before I tackle it again.

Please, any authors who read this, I need advice.  Just leave a comment below, I check the website often.  Anything would be appreciated at this point.

K ❤


Today & Beyond

Welcome back and happy Thursday.  Only one more day till the weekend.  WOOOHOOO!!!!!

And 11 more days until NaNoWriMo.  If you’re not sure what that is, then click here.  I signed up for my first time last year, and I intend to do it again.  I started a book with them and I’m hoping to get more done with it with their help.  I have to reach the target of 50K words.  I’m almost hitting 7K.  So I have a ways to go.

And I’m doing a sequel.  Yes still.  I’ve had a little hiccup with that one because of one little chicken who would rather hide behind a fake name and give me a bad review.  I highly doubt they even read my first book, but felt the need to have their say.

But I’m happy to say that I’m finally back on board with it again, and I am making progress with it.  I am honestly trying my best to get it published in December.  Hopefully ready by Christmas.  *cross fingers* Massively hoping. 🙂  So to everyone who’s bought the first book, and have been patiently waiting for the next,, it really shouldn’t be too much longer to read the end of the story.  I’ll never end off a story with a TO BE CONTINUED ever again, LOL.  So waiting as long as you have,, I really, really appreciate you hanging in there.

So today, and for the rest of this month, I’ll be striving to finish off this one (or at the very least very close) because starting in November, I’ll be concentrating on the other one I started.  Then hopefully get both clued up for December.

So I probably won’t be on Facebook or Twitter much.  And if I do it’s to pop in to catch up on a few things, I will reply back to anyone who’s sent me messages or tweets.

Until then, I’ll leave ya with this little tune to help get you motivated.  It’s helped me with some of my writing.  And I wanna thank Jared Keeso for tweeting it.

Until next time.

K ❤


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