Fun times, amazing friends

Well today was a very interesting day. The kids had a snow day.  They love it.  I on the other hand,,, well let’s just say what with a hand that’s not 100%, shoveling can take it’s tole.  And with my hand hurting no matter what way I move it, I haven’t been able to commit to doing much writing.  Which totally irks me like you wouldn’t believe.   I was hoping to have so much written to have ready for it’s launch at Sci-Fi on the Rock 8 in May, but I don’t see that happening now.  Not with my hand the way it is.

I know, I know,,, if I’m able to blog, I should be able to write.  To tell you the truth, I’ve lost my inspiration.  Especially with that one bad review from my first book.  I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, I had myself all prepared for the bad comments, but when it came to actually reading what they had written, it hit me.  Though, thinking back on it, I find it convenient that they say all this nasty things with a fake name.  I mean, really???  How lame does someone need to be to hide behind their computer screen, use a fake name, and be mean to someone who’s new to the writing scene.  At least I had the balls to put myself out there, with everything I do.  What has this person ever done that they could be proud of.

I need to thank my many friends who PM’d me in Facebook to voice their support.  You guys are the best buddies ever.  You all are never very far if I’m feeling down and need a great pick-me-up.  Case in point to an awesome friend who had me literally jumping up and down in my kitchen, laughing out loud.  Literally. LOL  It’s a good thing I was alone at the time, cause I think my family would have thought I was nuts.  Paco.  And I just giggled again as I typed his name, Paco. 🙂  My crazy, sweet, awesome friend, don’t ever change.  🙂

He posted a picture of what the weather was like at his location.  And it was nasty, snowing really bad.  So after I read a couple of comments, I had to make one.  And wouldn’t you know it,, he actually done my suggestion and posted the picture on my timeline.  (Laughing as I type all this again).  The suggestion was to make a snowman, with sunglasses on, a Cuban cigar, and a beer.  Bless you Paco, that really made my day yesterday.

For the past week or so, I have been helping my daughter’s (who’s 10) fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  The name of the fundraiser was Jump Rope for Heart.  I’m so proud of her for wanting to take this on.  And I want to thank those who were able to donate online.  I know not everyone seeing my posting on Facebook and Twitter could help.  But I am grateful to those who shared the link to help spread the word.  I’m proud to say that in total, she’s raised $160.  🙂  Most of it was from online donations, so to those of you who donated, bless you all. xoxo

I apologize for spamming up Facebook and Twitter timelines, lol.  But I think anyone who’s child shows any interest in something, to support them the best you can, and to give it your all.  And I hope that she knows how much I’ve been there to back her up on this, and hope that she does something like this again in the future.

Anyway, thank you all for popping by to read my thoughts.  I hope you had a nice giggle, or found some sort of inspiration to do something for a worthy cause, or to help someone less fortunate.

Until next time.

K. xo

Just one of those days

Have you ever sat in front of your computer or laptop, or even have a pen and paper laid in front of you and not have a clue what to write?  Well, that’s me right now.

I’m sitting here, with a chocolate chip muffin, cuppa tea, chatting with a friend and longing to write something interesting for you all to read, and I’m stuck.

Usually you can’t shut me up.  I’m always talking about something or other.  As you can tell by the amount of tweets I’ve tallied up in the span of almost 3 years.  But yet, today when I have a moment, my mind goes blank.

I guess I can update you all on some cool things that’s been happening to me lately.  Well, they are cool to me (and a little shocking – but not in a bad way).

Apparently, my book is a success.  And I say that cause I didn’t think I’d sell one book, let alone all 29 of them.  And most of then were sold by my hubby at his work.  I took my book out of the total. 🙂

So far from my friends who’s read it, or part of the way through, have enjoyed it.  One friend even went to far as to say that she “LOVES IT!!!”  I have the best friends a gal could ask for.  To be so supportive and encouraging me to keep going.  That is a rare thing and I treasure them all. XO

But for the most part, I’m happy.  Now all I need to do is to write the second part of the story so I can give it a proper ending.  I’m like most of you when it comes to stories that continue, but I wanted to see how well it would do before I would dedicate the rest of my life to writing.

Yes, I’m a full-time mom, and I love my family bunches, but I felt that there was more to me then what everyone saw.  I was missing something and I think this writing thing has filled that gap and now I can give myself another title.  AUTHOR.

Wow.  Didn’t think I’d ever get to say that about myself.  But there it is.  And I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far.  And those of you who have read the book (or plan on it), trust me, there’s more to come. 🙂

Until then, I’ll sign off with this: