Writing, thinking and everything in between.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written lately.  Truth is, I haven’t a clue what to write.  Yes, I’m writing a script.  So I guess I could be keeping you all updated as to how that’s going.  The problem is, I tend to tweet it all that I don’t think about writing it here first.  Problem 1 solved. LOL

Well as of right now I have 6 pages, and over 1000 words for the script.  I must say, it’s reading quite well.  Not bad for someone who has some form of dyslexia.  Yes, there’s many types of it, I just happen to have an output type.  Meaning that I know what I want to write from what’s in my brain, I just have a hard time getting it on paper.  Or in this case, on a word document, LOL

But with the support of my friends, both here and online, I’m getting there.

Besides the script,, I’m also trying to write my first novel.  Something I’ve always wanted to do – see my name in print.  Well I’m hoping that it will become a reality come April.  I have my storyline worked out and who I’ll get to publish it, it’s just staying focused to get it done.  I’m always getting distracted by something or another.  Oh look, shiny thing, lol.

Then there’s the committee stuff.  I’m getting so excited now.  There’s only 4 big things coming up for me before the convention; my birthday, Christmas, Brett’s birthday and the Cuba trip.  Yes, I’ll be posting some pictures here like I done for our Dominican trip.  I’m already getting my clothes ready for it.  Not packed.  Albeit, last year I had it done months in advance of going to Dominican.  But we’re thinking of having this Christmas out of town.

I want to give the kids the experience of having a bayman Christmas.  No one really comes here other then the inlaws, hubby’s brother and sister inlaw and niece, and my parents.  Other then that, we really don’t get anyone.  So we figured we take it out where my husband grew up and have Santa visit us out there.  At least that way, we won’t be rushing around on Christmas day to go out for dinner.  We tried that once, it was too much.

So we’ll try it for this year and see how it goes.  If it works out like I hope, then it can be a tradition we can keep doing.  If it’s too much of a hassle, then we’ll just get everyone to come to the house for a meal instead.  So we’ll see.

I think that’s everything updated so far for those interested in what I do.  I’ll try and write more as things happen.

Thanks for following along with me on this journey.



Bits of Everything.

You know when you have something on your mind to say, then you actually think twice before saying it?  Well I’m hoping to come to that point soon.  Although, a lot of the time when I want to rant, I end up screaming in my kitchen, yelling at a friend on skype.  Not actually yelling at her, but yelling in general, text a friend that I’m so pissed off, or send an email.  Some of you reading this knows what I’m talking about, the rest of you, sorry, I’m not airing it out online for all to see.  Just know that with the awesome friends I have, I’m not going to let stupid and immature people get to me anymore.  The stupid is my word.  Immature was the word used by others describing the actions of this other person who irritates me.

At any cost, I’m done with this person.  No matter how hard I try and be nice to this person, I’m the one getting attacked for my efforts.  Oh well, you live and learn I guess.

Now on with my life.  I’ve got a trip coming up that I’m so excited about.  I guess you can call it a first honeymoon of sorts.  We never really had one when we got married.  And now that our oldest is 14, we thought it was about time we done something for ourselves for a change.  So I’ll be posting pictures on here (with hubby’s consent of course), to show you everything that Dominican has to offer.  Well at least from the hotel in which we are staying anyway.

Then there’s a convention I have to get ready for.  I have to admit, I’m a tad bit apprehensive.  Not about the fact that there will be so much to do and take care of when I’m there.  But that this will be one full weekend that I’ll hardly see my family.  The convention starts April 20th, which is a Friday.  But I’ll be going to the airport to be picking up one of our guests.  I’m so nervous about that.  Mainly cause I’ve never done this before.  And the guest is someone I admire and respect in the entertainment industry.  They say first impressions right?  Well, I’ll have to make sure the truck is vacuumed out, washed down (I hope) and smelling nice.  Not that I don’t think he will care, having 2 kids of his own, he probably got the same messy truck as everyone else, LOL.  Plus, the thing that makes me the most nervous is that I’ll be his handler for the whole weekend.  Making sure he’s on time for his Q&A’s for both days (Sat. and Sun.).  I hope I don’t mess something up.  I’ll be taking my camera of course.  I have a few ideas of poses to get, LOL.

Then when the convention is done, there’s planning for the next one.  Albeit, I already have a guest for 2013.  And I’m excited to have her come here too.  I won’t say who right now.  But don’t worry, you’ll love who it is. 🙂  In actual fact, i have 2 others who are very eager to come here for next year.  Yes, I know, I love to tease. 😀

And yes, you might have noticed that I’ve given this site a new look.  Don’t get too comfy, most likely I’ll end up changing it again to something that’s more me.  What that will be is anyone’s guess.  But keep popping back, you might be pleasantly surprised.

I think that’s all I want to write for now.  I have more housework to get done as we have hubby’s parents coming in on Thursday.  They will be staying here with the kids while hubby and I are gone on our trip.  So that’s a full week of me not tweeting.  Nor facebooking.  Nor blogging.  I hope you’re all able to cope with me gone.  LOL.  Though, chance are, I will hardly be missed.

Anyway,, I’m heading off now.  Like I said, I have housework to get done.  And brownies to bake.

Whoops!!! Did I forget to mention that I’ll be baking too?  Ooops, lol.  Oh well, on that note, blog again soon.

K, xo