More Procrastinating, Less Writing

So apparently I done the complete opposite since the last post. Typical.  LOL.

I swear I need supervision when I say I’m going to do something.  Oh look!!! Shiny thing.

You would think that I’d get things done that I need to get done with the extra time I’ve got lately.  But ohhhhhh noooooo.  I’m gonna just sit back and do nothing.

I feel bad too as I have 2 projects 1/4 of the ways written, but no motivation to finish.  How to real authors do it?  Do they have times where they are just not sure if writing is for them? Or do they just carry on and hope and pray that what they wrote doesn’t suck?

I’m at the point where I know where I want the 2 stories to end up, but it’s the process.

I also have to look at myself as an author and stop thinking of what it would be like to be like someone else.  We each have our own writing styles, frustratingly enough, I have yet to find my niche.  I hope to find it soon.

My biggest distractions are Twitter and Facebook.  Mainly Twitter to keep up with what the latest news is with Shadowhunters.  That’s a whole other blog in itself. 😀

And on that note, I’m leaving it at that.

Until next time.

Karen ❤

Shadowhunters poem

I stumbled upon this on twitter written by another talented Shadowhunter fan, Angie.  Thank you for allowing me to share.  ❤


Looks like I found another outlet to share in my obsession. LOL.

You can also give me a follow on Twitter.

Until next time.

K ❤

Some changes coming.

I’d like to thank everyone who so far has supported my blog site, and getting notices for future posts.  I’m still writing the 2 books I’ve mentioned in past posts, however, I’ve decided to keep this blog site more active is to write some reviews.

My main focus will be Shadowhunters (yes I know they’ve been cancelled) but I will take suggestions as to what else I could write that is of interest to you, my readers.  So comment below with suggestions, or you can get me on Twitter.  I tend to check that often, LOL.

I also want to thank Heidi on Twitter for the amazing #Clace header.  You can find her (among other talented people from the Shadowhunter fandom) here.

Thank you in advance.

Until next time.

K ❤