Shadowhunters poem

I stumbled upon this on twitter written by another talented Shadowhunter fan, Angie.  Thank you for allowing me to share.  ❤


Looks like I found another outlet to share in my obsession. LOL.

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K ❤


Some changes coming.

I’d like to thank everyone who so far has supported my blog site, and getting notices for future posts.  I’m still writing the 2 books I’ve mentioned in past posts, however, I’ve decided to keep this blog site more active is to write some reviews.

My main focus will be Shadowhunters (yes I know they’ve been cancelled) but I will take suggestions as to what else I could write that is of interest to you, my readers.  So comment below with suggestions, or you can get me on Twitter.  I tend to check that often, LOL.

I also want to thank Heidi on Twitter for the amazing #Clace header.  You can find her (among other talented people from the Shadowhunter fandom) here.

Thank you in advance.

Until next time.

K ❤

Some upcoming projects

I know it’s been a while since I wrote in here, but thought now is the perfect time to just let everyone know that I have a few things planned besides finish writing my 2 books.

I have a YouTube channel in which I will be going reaction videos, along with my daughter, on Shadowhunters.  If I had my time back, and had the programs, I would’ve done them from the beginning.  However it’s pointless for me to even consider doing them now as I’ve already seen them (many times I may add) and the reactions wouldn’t be true to the initial viewing of each episode.

So I’ll be starting with season 3 in a couple of weeks.  However, seeing as my daughter will be doing these with me, I have to wait for her to get home from school to watch each episode.  Which means that I’ll be MIA on Twitter until I do see them so I don’t see any spoilers.

Most times I don’t mind spoilers, but in this case, I will have to refrain from being online.

Then, once the video is done, I will be doing my review on each episode as well.  So I’ll be super busy that’s for sure.  But it’s all in fun.

So if you would be so kind as to subscribe to my channel, and you can also follow me on twitter.  Both links are above.  Thanks for popping by.

Until next time.

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