2019 Review (sort of)

So, I was hoping to have started this back in January.  But remembering what happened 11 months ago is nearly impossible.  So I’ll just write with how my year went.

I’ll most likely go backwards as the earliest memories will be easier to remember, LOL

Well December there was a few things that happened. Besides my birthday, I got a surprise package from a friend who had met Dom Sherwood and had sent me what she done during that convention. Not only did she send me the picture of her photo op with him, but he was holding up a shirt she had designed (for a lack of a better word), and the shirt of which he signed. I done an Instagram live so she could see my reaction when I opened it. And yes, there were tears.

As well in December, Fan Central TV was doing a 12 Days of Fanmas on their YouTube channel and you were able to get a chance to win what each video contained by answering a question (or whatever she needed you to do). I was waiting patiently for Shadowhunter goodies, and the days were passing by and y birthday was getting closer. It just so happened that my birthday was the last day for the Fanman giveaway and sure enough, it was on my birthday. You can watch the video here to see the prizes.

So I watched said video. Couldn’t help but laugh while watching. And then I answered her question in the comments. I was crossing everything I had to cross to give myself the good luck I could muster to actually win this. Mainly because it was years since I won anything online.

Low and behold I seen them make a tweet of the list of winners for the 12 TV series and seen a “Karen Ford” for Shadowhunters.  I congratulated all winners until I took a double take on the name and had to ask if that was actually me?  It was and then I danced around the house.  I was in shock, to be honest. I’ll do a video of me opening the package once I get it. 🙂  Thank you again Fan Central TV.  ❤ ❤ ❤

I also had another friend surprise me with a Clace autographed picture.  She originally had an extra Kat McNamara photo, so she had me pick from the ones she sent me for a favourite of mine to have signed.  So I had one chosen and didn’t think anything of it when she was trying to choose a various of Clace pictures.  So when I helped her with one I thought she was getting for herself, Well, you can guess I was in shock when I got a package from her with the picture of both Kat’s and Dom’s signature on it.  She also sent me a small piece of paper with Dom’s writing on it for me as I have plans for a future tattoo.

I feel very blessed to have the friends I’ve made on Twitter thanks to a show that got cancelled after only 3 seasons.  And I’ll be forever grateful to them. ❤ ❤ ❤

I also won a signed autograph of Chai Hansen, who played Jordan Kyle from Shadowhunters.  I hope to meet him, as well as the rest of the cast, someday.  They are all a blessing to so many of us who draw on them for different reasons.  Thank you again Tiff. ❤


I feel that everything so far is Shadowhunter related as to how my year went.  And for the most part it is.  From books being released, to having my own marathons via NetFlix.

Besides birthdays and anniversaries, we (my hubby and I) went back to Cuba for the 4th time, back in April.  And yes, to the same resort.  They have become family to us.  We are really hoping to take our kids (tho not really kids) with us this time.  We want to take them to a place where we felt the most welcome.  Melia Las Antillas.  It’s an older resort, but it’s the people who always brings us back when we can.

This is not much of a review of my year in 2019, but I promise to make a better one for 2020.

So on that note, thank you for visiting my blog.  Thank you for reading, and most of all, thank you for sticking around to see what I post next.

Sending you all lots of love.

K ❤


A New Year with New Beginnings

So, we are 3 days into the a new year and it’s looking pretty good.  We’ve got snow on the ground, there’s a chill in the air (ok, more then a chill,, enough to freeze the balls off a brace monkey), and I’m enjoying my semi-quiet day.

It’s 1:20 in the afternoon as I type this, though, not sure what time it will be when I end it, LOL.

It will soon be time to start taking down the tree and putting away all the Christmas decorations until next time.  Some people took theirs down the day after Boxing day.  Mainly because they’ve had things decorated since NOVEMBER!!!  Make no friggen wonder you want to take it down right after Christmas.  I’d be bored with it too.  I don’t get why people have to put it up so early.  I mean really???  December 1st is bad enough, but November???

Usually I put ours up after my hubby’s Christmas party at his hotel.  But this year I stuck it out until close to my birthday.  If I had to wait for hubby’s Christmas party, the tree wouldn’t be up until tomorrow.  Yes, I said TOMORROW!!  The hotel’s party is TONIGHT!!  January 3rd.  I’m sorry,, THAT’S NOT A CHRISTMAS PARTY when you’re having it AFTER Christmas is long over.  What’s the friggen point to having a party now to celebrate all the work they’ve done all year???

So needless to say, we won’t be going,, at least I won’t be.  If hubby wants to go for the sake of making an appearance, then he can, but I won’t be.

Anyway, on to much lighter thoughts,,, 🙂

I want to take this time to thank more of my friends for being there when I need them.  Sandra and Angie.  You girls are awesome and I hope to meet you both some day, ❤ .  Melinda, what can I say that I haven’t already said? ❤ ya girlie.  Brian, you are the best non-boyfriend a girl could ask for, LOL.  Roddy, you’ve been such an awesome supporter throughout 2014 and I thank you with all my heart.  Jan, I wish you much success this year and hope that all your dreams come true.

Let go of all the negative things weighing you down, and reach for all the positive things.  That’s what will make you shine.


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