Writing, thinking and everything in between.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written lately.  Truth is, I haven’t a clue what to write.  Yes, I’m writing a script.  So I guess I could be keeping you all updated as to how that’s going.  The problem is, I tend to tweet it all that I don’t think about writing it here first.  Problem 1 solved. LOL

Well as of right now I have 6 pages, and over 1000 words for the script.  I must say, it’s reading quite well.  Not bad for someone who has some form of dyslexia.  Yes, there’s many types of it, I just happen to have an output type.  Meaning that I know what I want to write from what’s in my brain, I just have a hard time getting it on paper.  Or in this case, on a word document, LOL

But with the support of my friends, both here and online, I’m getting there.

Besides the script,, I’m also trying to write my first novel.  Something I’ve always wanted to do – see my name in print.  Well I’m hoping that it will become a reality come April.  I have my storyline worked out and who I’ll get to publish it, it’s just staying focused to get it done.  I’m always getting distracted by something or another.  Oh look, shiny thing, lol.

Then there’s the committee stuff.  I’m getting so excited now.  There’s only 4 big things coming up for me before the convention; my birthday, Christmas, Brett’s birthday and the Cuba trip.  Yes, I’ll be posting some pictures here like I done for our Dominican trip.  I’m already getting my clothes ready for it.  Not packed.  Albeit, last year I had it done months in advance of going to Dominican.  But we’re thinking of having this Christmas out of town.

I want to give the kids the experience of having a bayman Christmas.  No one really comes here other then the inlaws, hubby’s brother and sister inlaw and niece, and my parents.  Other then that, we really don’t get anyone.  So we figured we take it out where my husband grew up and have Santa visit us out there.  At least that way, we won’t be rushing around on Christmas day to go out for dinner.  We tried that once, it was too much.

So we’ll try it for this year and see how it goes.  If it works out like I hope, then it can be a tradition we can keep doing.  If it’s too much of a hassle, then we’ll just get everyone to come to the house for a meal instead.  So we’ll see.

I think that’s everything updated so far for those interested in what I do.  I’ll try and write more as things happen.

Thanks for following along with me on this journey.



This and That.

I know I haven’t written in here lately, but if you have followed my tweets, you’ll know what I’ve been up too.  Besides the destroying of a wall in the house and building something else to put in it’s place, I’ve been painting.  Well both my hubby and I have been painting.  He’s also been putting up new drywall, as well as plastering & sanding it.  He done the biggest wall that goes from the main floor to the upstairs and let me tell you the amount of dust that came from it.  HOLY HANNAH!!!  I had to chain on the dog and open up the front and back doors.  All that dust wasn’t good for me, considering I sneeze like crazy when just doing the usual light dusting around the house. 🙂

Anyway, the biggest project is done now, so later today when hubby gets home from work, he’ll use the regular sand paper to finish off the wall.  Then we can prime and paint it.  I can’t wait for that one.  I got the colors already.  Well for the upstairs anyway.  But I have an idea what to do with that big main wall.  And I think it’s gonna look awesome when it’s done.

But for now, I’ll be getting the upstairs taken care of.  Laundry, stripping the beds, sweeping and mopping the floors, and the stairway.  Then I can concentrate on the downstairs.  Which is the main floor.  It’s days like this I wish we had a basement.  But when they built these houses, they put them all on a concrete slab.  Though, don’t worry, when it’s all done, I’ll be getting pictures of the fruits of our labor, 🙂

We are aiming to have this all done before we head off on our camping trip.  That’s right, our annual autism camp at Lion’s Max Simm’s Memorial Camp.  Don’t worry, I’ll make notes and blog about our time there as well.  As I’m the camp DJ, I need to go over the songs and make sure I have all the right cables to hook up the laptop to the stereo speakers for both dances.  They have one for the kids, and 2 for the adults.  It’s a lot of fun.  Maybe this time I’ll see about playing a video for you all to see the fun.  With everyone’s permission of course. 🙂

The only difference for this time around is that we don’t have our camper.  We sold it.  We don’t use it enough times throughout the year to justify on keeping it.  So I put it up on Kijiji.  BEST SITE EVER!!!  Especially if you want to sell something fast.  I put it up on a Saturday, and it was sold the next day.  I’m sure some of you like using NFClassifieds, but I was impressed by Kijiji, so most likely that is the one I’ll be using from now on.

Between getting the house put back together and getting ready for our camping trip, I have a script to write.  I’m not saying what it’s going to be about quite yet, but it’s something that I’ve never seen done anywhere else.  I’ll be meeting up with the producer of Hann-Made Productions tomorrow to discuss it.  I’m excited plus nervous at the same time.  I’ve never took on such a project this big before.  Not only am I writing the script for this, but my name will be going in the film credits.  So that in itself is making me bite what nails I have left.  Though, knowing the producer like I do, he’ll probably put my name in a few places, *facepalm*

Anyway, I need to head off and find some breakfast before I start on my day.  Hope you all have a great Monday.

Until next time.

Karen, XOXO