Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

Wow!!  4 years!!  4 years writing my own stuff and not having to answer to anyone.  4 years of doing things as I like.  4 years to not having my stuff edited (which didn’t need editing in the first place).  4 wonderful years!!!

The majority of you might not understand how that would be a big deal for me, but some of you who knew me longer than that, will.  And what a feeling it is too. 🙂

You know that in baseball there’s 3 strikes and then you’re out?  Well same concept for me to have my eyes opened and free myself to write what I want, when I want, how I want it.

For that I need to thank SH for figuratively taking me aside and helping me take that initial step.  For that support alone, there’s no words I could say that I haven’t already told her to thank her enough.

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on the past, that’s just what the haters love.  So I’m not going to give them an ounce of thought.  And in retrospect, I don’t.  But it does sadden me when I find out that these same haters spread lies about me to make themselves look good in everyone’s eyes.  Instead of these people actually chatting with me, to get to know who I really am, they take the side of the others.

It used to bug me, but I figure, if strangers are going to take the word of someone they’ve never met, then I really don’t need them.

Some of you might be asking, “What is she talking about?”  And for that I’m sorry for writing a post that’s very cryptic.  For others you’re probably asking, “why are you writing on shit from the past?”  I guess the only answer to that is that deep down it still bothers me how someone could call me a friend, then turn around and be so nasty and spread crap around about me to others.

I guess it’s just one of those life moments where I have to say f*ch’em (as a friend, PW, had said to me) and move on.

And move on I have.  I’ve written a book (which seems like ages ago, lol) and working on 2 more.  Something else that must piss them off about, LOL.

Sorry,, “shake it off Karen.”

Anyway, today, as this is my 4th year anniversary with this blog, I’m definitely going to turn over a brand new leaf and not let the little people bother me so much.  I will be focusing on those who actually support everything I’ve accomplished and ignore the haters.

So on that note, I’m going to head off,,, find some cookies and enjoy what I have.

Until next time.

K ❤

Some updates with humor

Welcome back.  If I haven’t lost anyone that is. 🙂

Well, seeing as October is almost over, I might as well update everyone on what I’ve been up to since my last short post.  Besides shopping for costumes, decorations and Halloween treats,,, I’ve been actually doing some writing to the sequel of my first book.

I honestly can’t wait to have that damn thing written.  Not only for my friends sake who’s bought it, but for my hubby who’s constantly getting harassed by co-workers on when is the next one coming out??  Don’t worry, it’s not in a bad way,, I guess they liked the first one that much that they can’t wait to read what happens next instead of just thinking on how I’m going to end it.

Oh,, and if your on twitter and haven’t noticed yet,, I’ve changed my handle name on there.  It’s now @OfficialKDFord. 🙂  I’m the one and only,,, plus after this sequel is done,, that’s how I’ll be known as for all my future books – K.D. Ford.

And I do want to apologize for not having the 2nd book done by now.  I guess that hater done it’s toll on me with it’s negative comments.  But I guess it’s still a learning curve that I have to over come.  I’m not going to get everyone liking my stuff.  Nor should they, everyone’s likes things differently.  And I accept that.

However, in saying that, I’m only human.  Some things that gets said will stick with me no matter what.  But I’m learning to make that the driving force for me to carry on.  To show the haters they won’t knock me down, and that the only thing they are doing is making an ass of themselves.

OK, check list,,,

Mention book — check

Update twitter — check

Stick middle finger up to the haters — DOUBLE CHECK!!!

LOL  That felt good 😀

Thinking as I’m typing as to what else that needs to be said to update you all.

OH !!!  A friend of mine and I are going to have our own little webseries going.  I know I’ve been talking about it off and on on Twitter (not so much on Facebook yet), but trying to arrange the times for her and I to actually start this adventure is a little tricky.  Considering I’m in Newfoundland, and she’s living in the Shire.  No, not the one in New Zealand 🙂  Her shire is in the UK.  So to figure out timing is critical in pulling this off.  But make no mistake, once we get this started,, there won’t be no stopping us.

Mind you, in the meantime,, I do have plans on doing some video blogs on my own youtube channel.  But again,, it’s the timing.  When I’m not doing housework, or running errands, or just having a lazy day, I will do one.  I can’t remember the last time I done a vlog.  But I’ll do one…

In the meantime, I do have to run off.  Housework won’t get done by itself.  Where is that damn house fairy??

Anyway,, you all have an awesome day.

Much love

K. ❤